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Nicole and John 10/10/15: Seven Days Out (Los Angeles Wedding Planner)

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So, yeah, I stopped doing the daily updates, because it was turning into, "...and then I made a phone call!" and no one wants to stick around for that. There are two things you need to know about wedding planning, if you need to know anything, is 1. It takes patience, and 2. Everyone in Wedding World is busy." For instance, their caterer just now texted me to say that he is going to send me their final invoice just as soon as he finishes meeting with his head chef about the wedding they're doing this evening.  Her hair and makeup stylist called me last night. from her car, to also apologize for not sending me Nicole's final invoice, yet, because she'd been working all day, was packing for another gig to San Diego this morning, but what send it to me when she got home. It's cool, because she already sent it to Nicole. Patience. It's a week out, but it will all get done. In the meantime, things have been busy...

Los Angeles Wedding
Nicole and John are getting married on the steps
of Hale House. 
First of all, yes, Nicole is officially back in the States! I met her face to face for the first time at David's Bridal on Sunday, and we went to Heritage Square on Monday for a walkthrough. 

Kim Williams and Nicole, looking at  her
Pinterest board 
Tuesday was our consultation with Kim at Enchanted Florist. Usually, this is the meeting where we see a sample, but what with the being 5,000 miles away and everything, I thought it was a good idea to sit down and finalize the colors and flowers Nicole wanted to stick to. It was important to her to make sure that it all worked together, plus she wanted to incorporate John's family tartan in there, too. Kim did her usual thing where she  recommends certain flowers to complete a look, brings in flowers from the cooler, and is very clear on how much stuff costs and very flexible on what she can do. She's good. Nicole is bringing John back to Kim on Monday to see a centerpiece sample and lock everything down. Stand by for pictures!

Something a little like this, I think.
Photo: Wedding Party App
This week is all about making final choices and wrapping up loose items. Oh, and making sure everyone gets paid. Everyone has the timeline, so they know when and where. On Wednesday, she met with her DJ. On Thursday, she picked John up from the airport, and hit BevMo. On Friday, I called the Ice delivery company to move up their delivery time to match BevMo's delivery time. Nicole and John went to Disneyland, because that's what you do when you're coming from Scotland. For her, the whirlwind continues this weekend with a bachelorette party/Bridal shower combo, while I figure out if I'm going to meet the DJ at Heritage tomorrow, or if time and travel considerations will mean that he is just going to have to trust me. I'm betting on "trust."

More to come...

Sharlyn + Demontray, 10/2/10
Photo: SDK Photo Studio
In the meantime, help me wish a Happy Fifth Anniversary to Sharlyn and Demontray! On October 2, 2010, I coordinated their wedding at Rancho Palos Verdes. The ceremony was at Wayfarer's Chapel, and the reception was at Terranea. It was a great, fun day and a thrill to be a part of. 

See you at the end of the aisle, 

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