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The Best Wedding Ceremony Advice I Have to Give You (Los Angeles Wedding Planner)

Katrina + Adam, 4/25/14
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I think you already know this, but I'm also a wedding officiant, working with Great Officiants and on my own from time to time. And to answer your next question, yes, I have both officiated and and coordinated at the same wedding, but not everyone s comfortable with that!  I officiated a slew of weddings this month, so here's the best advice I have to give you about your wedding ceremony:

1. Ask your officiant to break down the vows in pieces. You're up front, all eyes are on you. No one can blame you for getting flustered. Listening and then repeating, "I, John Doe take you, Jane Smith to be my wife," can be a lot to  process in one fell swoop. I break it down into manageable bits:
I, John Doe
Take You, Jane Smith
To be my wife

2. Anything your ring bearers or flower girls do is cute. They're little, and they make mistakes and they, too, can crack under pressure. And everyone knows it, and everyone understands. 

3. But don't push it. Don't give them your rings! Having them stand up there with you could be asking for trouble, especially if they've been up all day. Hand them off or direct them to a parent in the crowd. 

4.  Rehearse your bridal bouquet hand-off, and your rings hand-off. Or, at least be aware that can get awkward. You'll need to hand off your bouquet to a bridesmaid/maid of honor when you're exchanging rings, and again if you're lighting candles or doing some other ritual, and then take it back again after that, or right before you walk back down the aisle. Your Best Man has the rings, double- check where he's keeping them, and how he's handing them off to you. I know it sounds self-explanatory, but there have been a few times when I've had to help juggle bouquets and rings.

5. Plan for where everyone is heading right after the ceremony. Your officiant and your witness(es) have to sign your marriage license, and that's best done right away. Let your witnesses know who they are, then lead them to some well-light, out of the way place with a table. It takes about five minutes, maybe a little more if you're taking pictures of the signing. 

6. Believe this - you are going to be soooo happy when you get down to the end of the aisle! One of the reasons I love officiating is that look of relief and happiness you have when you get to the altar. All the work, all the planning, cumulates in that one moment when you're facing each and actually, finally getting married.  It's the reason we're all there, to surround you with love and joy. I just dig it. 

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See you at the end of the aisle, 

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