Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Nicole and John: 27 Days Out - Rentals and Answers (Los Angeles Wedding Planner)

The Last Wedding I coordinated at
Heritage Square Museum, on Style Me Pretty.
Photo: Honey Honey Photography
Heritage Square is what I call a "Bare Venue" - Nicole and John have to bring pretty much  EVERYTHING in, except the restrooms. If your wedding at one of these places is the forest, and your timeline is the individual trees in that forest, then rentals are the individual leaves on the biggest tree in that forest, you know, that big ole tree you're probably getting married under. 

The first thing I do when I start looking at rentals is talk to the caterer - in this case it's About Thyme - to find out see what they need to build and maintain a "kitchen" and what they're comfortable with, as far as the numbers of plates, knives forks, tables, etc. I've worked with them before, plus John, the owner and head chef,  saved my butt last month when I needed an oyster shucker last minute for Emma and Ian's wedding. You'd think that would be easy to find in L.A., but not so, apparently.  John's fantastic, and I'm really happy that he was available to cater Nicole and John's wedding. 
We're using JC Party Rents, who's been my go to for a couple of years, now. The biggest thing to understand about rentals is that if you have 100 guests, you can't just get 100 glasses. Between the cocktail hour, water at the table, and the bar at the reception, you're talking 3-4 drinks per guest. Roughly 1.5 plates for a buffet, not including the cake. (The right size) table linens, napkins, chairs (for both the ceremony and reception, or just one set and drag them over?). We finally got the rentals and the costs to the point where everyone is happy, I think.  But like I said yesterday, their guest numbers keep going up, so we're really not going to be able to finalize the rentals for another couple of weeks. This is pretty much how it goes!

I also heard back from Heritage about the ceremony time. The wedding can start at 3pm. Now, it's just a matter of figuring out if they want to, and how. There are ways, which I'm going to cover in my Ask Liz column in BAB on Friday. 
Tomorrow? I'm meeting their photographer at Heritage Square for another walk through, and we're going to talk in more detail about her schedule needs to look like for the day. Plus, I have to order ice. I told you we have to bring everything in! 

See you at the end of the aisle, 

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