Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Nicole and John 26 Days Out: The Photographer's Site Visit (Los Angeles Wedding Planner)

Please control your bleeding on your way out.
Today I met Julie Patterson, Nicole and John's photographer, at Heritage Square. A crew was shooting a student film when we showed up, which seemed to be some sort of  horror sci-fi thingy? If we were in their way, they didn't say anything. 

Heritage Square requires that any vendor who hasn't worked there before to meet with the event manager and do a walkthrough of the property. It was also a great opportunity for me to meet with Julie in person and talk about the timeline, some more. Things are always a little bit clearer when you do them in person.
Heritage is a historical site, and like most historical sites that are owned by the city of Los Angeles, it has a bunch of rules. No pictures inside the houses, no hard alcohol, no use of their water sources, etc.  But it's gorgeous. You know, without the blood-covered sheets. 

For now, it looks like Julie is going to start shooting at 10am, right before Nicole is scheduled to do her hair and makeup, for eight hours. We looked at various spots around the museum to shoot group pictures, too. I'm still concerned about managing the ceremony start time, but that should come into focus once I talk to Nicole tomorrow. I've also got to get a new contract from the rental company, and follow up on the ice company message I left today. Nicole got proposals for a security guard (did I mention they need a security guard?) and shuttle transportation, which I'm going to look over before our call. And, I also have a birthday party at Disneyland to get to. What, did you think I was all work and no play? As Bukowski said, "Only the boring get bored."

See you at the end of the aisle, 

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