Thursday, September 17, 2015

Nicole and John 22 Days Out: Getting from Point A to Point B (Los Angeles Wedding Planner)

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My Husband: "22 days."
Me: "Huh?"
Husband:" October 10 is 22 days away."
Me: (Counting quickly in my head) "Damn it!"

So, there's that. But we're moving along.
Talked to Nicole this afternoon. We are going to shoot for a 3pm ceremony start time, which means hair and makeup is going to start at 7:30 and not 8:00am, and even that is pushing it, since they need to get over to the museum by 1pm for pictures.  Personal cars and Ubers for the trip to the museum, but we need to make sure she's not the only one with an app!
Wedding days can be long, but that's one good thing about ending earlyish.

Nicole's flying into L.A. on the 24th, which is one week from now, so we really are moving along. Another thing about Heritage Square is that you have to hire a security guard for the night (told you - EVERYTHING). Nicole is booking Guard Now, and they're good. The big thing on our call was the transportation she needs to book to get all her guests from the museum to the after party, starting at 10:15pm. Getting people to the bar is simple, getting them back to their various hotels, residences, etc. is trickier. Some people will want to leave earlier, some will actually want to leave at 2am when the last shuttle is scheduled. The hotel is supposedly only 15 minutes away, which is 30 minutes round trip. It's that whole thing of guests waiting for the shuttle to come back and not knowing when it left in the first place. Drunk guests. I'm also checking with the museum to see if overnight parking is available. It's going to be interesting.
Tomorrow: Playing phone tag with the rental company. Checking in with the DJ. Getting Nicole a list of the alcohol and water she needs to buy at Bev Mo. Ooh, and the Ice company. It's usually not that hard to get ahold of Hollywood Ice, but my timing has been off lately. By about three days, apparently. Sigh.

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