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Wedding Wise Weekly - August 19

Every week I bring you the best wedding stories, deals and events in Los Angeles and from around the web. And we call it Wedding Wise Wednesday. Welcome!

Cool Wedding Thing of the Week:

Push-up confetti by Thumbress on Etsy I love this idea for a grand exit, or to shower the wedding couple on their way to the getaway car . Awesomeness, but make sure your venue is okay with it. Also, check out the blog I found this on, 34 Things That Will Make You Say “I Wish I Did That At My Wedding!”

The Events:

And a deal, apparently. Copy, snap, download, and or print this coupon for free admission for you and 5 others at the Bride World Expo Downtown this weekend. You are welcome!

Required Reading:

Ask Liz: Your Wedding vs. Their Wedding. 

Your priorities were different, so your weddings are different. This is what it means to be a bridesmaid...

Dear Liz,
I’ve gone from being a Broke Ass Bride last year to  a Broke Ass bridesmaid this year, and I’m having a hard time with the transition. I’ve never been in a wedding before,so I have nothing to compare it to really, except for my own wedding.
 I had to beg, borrow and steal to pull off my wedding, and we managed to do it, with an open bar, for $16,000. We saved for 18 months, I worked for my florist to bring down the cost of our flowers, I worked as a prep cook at our venue, and I still do tech support for the salon that did our hair and makeup. I got my wedding dress from a non-profit that donates dresses to military brides whose husbands have been deployed to the Middle East. Our photographer was an ex-coworker of mine from Apple. I worked every angle.

This Bride is my sister-in law, and she has asked me to be her Matron of Honor. Her parents based  her wedding budget on how much my husband and I spent on ours, but they keep focusing on how they can do everything for “cheap.” And they are determined that she doesn’t spend a dime of her own money.
The budget is supposedly $15,000, but then a week later she drops $10,000 on her venue and $1,200 on a dress. She keeps pleading poverty, but she’s gone on three vacations since she got engaged. ... have tried over and over to give her advice about saving money, but it’s all been ignored. Am I being a bridesmaidzilla? Is this just part of the gig? Do you have any advice?  I don’t know how to handle this, and I’m really drowning here!

Better saved than SIL

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See you at the end of the aisle, 

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