Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ask Liz: Hiding The Ugly at Your Wedding

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Dear Liz,
My problem is that I found a great venue (and affordable!) But there’s a propane tank surrounded by chain link fence riiight next to the entrance to the ceremony site. I’m trying to come up with ideas to hide it.


Theories of a Big Bang

Dear Bang,

Two part solution: 1. Call your venue and tell (“ask” won't work here) them that you want to cover it, and see what’s possible. If they don't own it or it’s not on their property, find out who’s property it’s on, and do the same thing. It could be owned by the city, or something like that.  Odds are, you are not the first person to ask about that thing, so find out what the answer is. 2. If you can cover it, cover it. Drape it, cover the sides you can see with rented trees and plants, or get some ideas from the Pinterest board I created, Hiding The Ugly At Your Wedding. Don’t be afraid to use colors.  You might have to erect poles or some sort of structure. If you don’t know how to do that yourself, ask your venue manager for the name of a rental company that might.

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