Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tuesday Tip + My Wedding Weekend and Calculating Venue Time

Right now, I'm working with a couple that's getting married in six (!) weeks in front of 25 guests. And they need everything. Venue, catering, photographer, EVERYTHING. We looked at four venues in DTLA on Monday, and it looks like they made their choice. But every venue had a restriction on the number of hours you can be there, which means you need to figure out how many hours you need. And, you know, how to use them.

 Venue #1: Apex Studios
1. Start from your ceremony time, and count backwards. Your guests, without fail, are going to start arriving 30 minutes before that.

Venue #2: Zinc Cafe

2. Which means, to be safe, your ceremony area, reception area, your sign-in table, need to be set up and ready for them to sit and enjoy by then. Do not attempt to do all this in less than two hours, whether you have help or not. Do not attempt to assign one person to do all of the work, even if they volunteer. If you've got major decorating to do - aisle runner, flower runner, archway, photo booth, chair swag, lighting - give it an extra hour. Ask your florist and rental company what they feel comfortable with, and what they will need to make it happen.

Venue #3: Ace Hotel

3. Ending time. Get very, very clear with your venue whether the official contract ending time is when the party has to end or when you and all your stuff need to be completely out of the venue. Two different things. Shut down the bar at least 30 minutes before you have to end the party part. That will give your guests the cue that it's winding down.

Venue #4: Daily Dose

4. Break down time. Usually takes half the time setting up does, and most venues will give you at least an hour for that. Also ask what the penalty and charge is if you go over, i.e., "Motivation." Plan beforehand where everything is going: What gets trashed, what gets put into whose car to go to the hotel, what needs to be dropped back off at the florist/rental company, and when? Don't give this to one person to do, either. Even if they do have a big van!

If you're interested in the look of any of these places, email me at liz@silvercharmevents.com, and I can give you more info about all of them.  Just let me know what you need!

See you at the end of the aisle,

Liz Coopersmith
Silver Charm Events

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