Tuesday, October 07, 2014

From The Broke-Ass Bride: Save Yourself a Headache - Make A Wedding Website

Wedding Wisdom from Christen at The Broke-Ass Bride. The Wedding Expert/ Planner (aka, Me) heartily concurs. Take it away, Chris:

You won't regret it. Seriously. 
 have a friend who just got engaged this summer (yayyyy!!!!) and is getting married this December (UM.) so I’ve been helping her as much as I possibly can from a distance (I’m in Texas, she’s in Wyoming). They found a venue, figured out a date, nailed down some other pertinents and she got to designing their e-vites, since she’s a graphic design artist and all.

Upon asking my opinion on her invites, which were gorgeous, I let her know that I felt they looked a little cluttered — they had info regarding kids, dress code, etc. on the invites themselves. Normally, that information would go on an accompanying card or said card would simply have the couple’s “wedsite” URL on there. And, under circumstances where they have more than a couple of months to plan and are also sending out Save the Dates, the wedding website address would be included on those.

But, for this couple, time is short and expediency is of the utmost importance.
I asked where her wedding website was. *Cue crickets* To which I responded:
Save Yourself a Headache and Make a Damn Wedding Website.
Here’s the thing, you guys, it’s true. You will be saving yourself a headache. You WILL be asked ALL OF THE QUESTIONS. And you're already pouring a lot of time, energy and effort into planning the damn thing, so don't become your wedding’s PR person, too. Let the Internetz do that for you. Because you don't want to be the one trying to tell cousin Joe how to get to the venue while you're trying to get your hair and makeup done, even though he has a smartphone and Google and an Internet browser ON HIS PHONE. (Also: If you're answering your phone on the day of your wedding, you’re totally breaking one of my cardinal rules.)

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And, a SPECIAL SHOUT-OUT to Dana La Rue (Park), the OG Broke-Ass Bride and my ex-blog boss, who got married Sunday night. You and Paul are awesome, and I am thrilled for you. Congratulations, and please keep sending pictures of your honeymoon, because I need more bucket list items.  I Love you, Bee Bop! And welcome to the family, Paul!

See you at the end of the aisle, 

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