Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Wedding Planner's Holiday. Or Not.

I had this big idea on Saturday, to grab Zane (my husband, I think I've mentioned him before), jump into the car, and drive up the coast until we got tired, and then take a walk on the beach. We got as far as Oxnard. The Embassy Suites in Oxnard, which is beautiful, but still, I was hoping for Santa Barbara or even Ventura.

So, we parked and took a shortcut through the hotel to the beach. And right outside the gate, we saw this:

Seriously, weddings just follow me around.  Right around the time we came back from the beach to  casually read in the lobby (Zane prefers paperbacks, while I'm addicted to the Kindle app on my iphone - thank you for listening), I noticed that wedding guests were having trouble figuring out how to get to the ceremony. Basically, the only way was through the pool area, and it wasn't a straight way. In other words, you couldn't see the gate out to the beach from the pool entrance. Like, two groups of people went past us, stepped outside, didn't see where they needed to go, and headed back inside. Force of habit kicked in, and I started to directing them, go outside, keep left, go out the open gate, and you'll see the ceremony space. Zane only rolled his eyes at me twice.

The directions they were given were probably pretty simple - just go outside to the pool and head out the gate to the beach. But that gate is on the other side of a building, so it's not immediately apparent when you see the pool. And the couple, having been there a few times already, and always with a hotel staff member, wouldn't have realized that it would be a problem. Long story, short lesson: Post a guide or a sign at any blind corner that leads to where your guests want to go. You're welcome!

Congratulations Allison and Frank! They're getting married at the Long Beach Museum of Art next June, and they just hired me for Day-of Coordination. I'm so excited for them, for me because I get to work with them, and even more so because the Museum is one of my favorite venues. So, yay, US!

See you at the end of the aisle,

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