Friday, August 08, 2014

Ask Liz: The (Wedding) Envelopes, Please.

From My Wedding Reception Ideas

Dear Liz:

My wedding is next week, and I have a question. My mom is convinced that a lot of our guests, or at least our side of the family, will be giving us cash as gifts, in envelopes, I guess? How does that usually go, would they hand those to us? I don't think I want to carry those around for the rest of the night, but there isn't really any place that we can put them, where they might not get lost or stolen. What should we do with them?


Stash the Cash

Dear Stash,

First off, your Mom is right, folks will give you cash as a wedding gift. My first suggestion is to get a card box and put it near or on the check-in/escort card table.  You can buy one online, but they also have them at most stationery or craft stores. If you're in L.A., try Michaels. A medium size-ish basket would work, too.  I'd keep it out through the cocktail hour, and then empty it and give the contents to someone - heretofore known as  "the designated card holder" -  before the reception starts. That sounds like a good job for your Mom, actually. There will be some guests who will have forgotten to put their card in the box, and will hand it to you personally later on, in which case you can hand them off to her.

Confidential to Beach House: There is more than one way to cater your wedding for less than $18,000!  Start with a restaurant or shop that delivers - I'm particularly fond of Stonefire Grill and Wood Ranch Grill these days - and go from there. They can also give you extra serving staff, if you need it. Start low, build up.

See you at the end of the aisle,

Liz Coopersmith
Silver Charm Events

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