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Throwback Thursday - The Myth of Wedding DIY

This has definitely been the summer of Wedding DIY, and I love what my couples have come up with to personalize their wedding and make it memorable. Raewyn and Iman's wands and gigantic red string heart. Trinh and Jarrod's Wedding Pinata. Rudy and Ryan's...well, everything. But there are some myths - and pressure- surrounding Wedding DIY that you should think about, before you decide to make personalized handkerchiefs for each of your wedding guests. I wrote a little article about it on the Huffington Post a little while back. Enjoy!

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The Myth of Wedding DIY

I hear it all the time:
"I really love this bouquet I found in a magazine, but I think I can save money by going down to the flower market the day before my wedding and making it myself."
"I don't want to spend money on a DJ, so we're just going to hook my iPhone up to a boom box and play it for the reception."
"I'm going to design and print up my own invitations -- it will save us tons of money."
"I want cupcakes instead of cake, so I'm going to make them all myself."
The Myth of Wedding DIY is that it's going to save you time, it's going to save you money, and it's as easy as it looks. Build it yourself and it will come out just as great or run just as well as if a professional has done it. And I get it. You don't think you'll be able to find what you want, or at a price you can afford. And it does seem so easy, doesn't it? The flowers wrapped in ribbon, fashioned in the exact right way.
But a florist knows what the best cuts of flowers look like, when and where to get them, and, most important, how to arrange them. They have all the materials they need on hand, so there's no scramble if something is missing or if you want to change how it looks. And, at some point, you're going to want to change how it looks. The DJ knows when to fade the music out, when to turn it up, and if you go up to them and want another song other than the one that's about the play, it happens seamlessly. Someone needs to be in charge of the music, and just the music, at all times. Trust me on that one. Stationery stores are responsible for all the typesetting and all the printing for your invitations, and they're responsible for whatever it takes to make that happen. And do you really have the space to bake and hold 300 cupcakes? Time and experience -- and, yes, storage -- are what you're paying for in order to get a perfect result.

Wedding Pinata. #makeitatrend

Don't get me wrong, I've worked with couples who've created gorgeous DIY wedding projects. Luxurious centerpieces, jaw-dropping table numbers, and beautiful invitations and programs, many of which are now hanging on my office wall.
But everyone had one thing in common: They'd done this type of thing before. They knew how long it would take, how much it would cost, and they were eager and excited to devote the time to work on it.
Where are you on that?

So, how do you make Wedding DIY work? Read the rest of my article on the Huffington Post .

See you at the end of the aisle,

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