Saturday, July 19, 2014

Ask Liz: It's the Week of My Wedding! What Do I Have to Do??

See you there!
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Dear Liz:

My wedding is next Saturday, and my brain's freezing. Everything is taken care of, but I'm really afraid that it's not taken care of, too! Is there a list of things I need to definitely do this week?


Eight Days Out

Dear Out,

#1: One Word: CONFIRM. Call all of your vendors, and confirm: their arrival time, departure time, what they need (space, power, tables) to do their jobs, if there is a balance due, and both their best number for the day and yours. In other words, make sure you're not calling their office number when they're obviously not going to be in the office, and make sure they're not calling your home number when you're obviously not at home. Call all your vendors, every single one, including your venue.

#2: Guest stuff. Escort cards? Do them and put them in alphabetical order, by last name. My suggestion, in the interest of less chaos, is to ask someone to monitor the table during the last 15 minutes of cocktail hour. It's easiest if the person monitoring the table is the person who puts the cards out. Give them a list of everyone that lists what table everyone is at, again, but last name.

#3. Primp. Facial at the beginning of the week. Mani-pedi a couple of days out, or before your rehearsal.

#4. Pack. For the night before your wedding, and the day of your wedding. What are wearing while you're getting ready? What do you need to take to the wedding venue with you - shoes, a jacket, a purse with make-up? What do you need the night of the wedding? Sort it out.

#5. EAT. If your day starts early (which it probably will) figure out breakfast. Are you still getting ready in the afternoon? Figure out lunch. And, hydrate. Where's your water? Keep it close.

See you at the end of the aisle,

Liz Coopersmith
Silver Charm Events

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