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Sponsored Post: Wedding Hair and Makeup to Cut and Dye For

Note: This is a sponsored post - I was compensated financially or with something else of value for this article. I only recommend products or services that my wedding clients or I have used in the past, or that I would eagerly recommend to them and my readers.
Karen L. Smith started styling hair in 1987, while she was in college. "I've always done hair," Karen laughs. "Not consistently since then - I worked in the corporate world, too, but, I've always done hair and make-up." She became a full-time Mom to her twin girls after she got laid off from Warner Brothers in 2007, but went back to beauty full-time when her daughters started middle school in 2010. "Because in middle school, kids don’t want their parents around. “Okay, see you, Mom, you don’t need to be here!” Karen laughs, "I had to come up with my plan B, and that was being a stylist again." And To Cut and Dye For was born.

"I really enjoy seeing the results that I get for my clients, and how much they love it, too," she tells me. "I can do all the styles, I can do everything that you need. But, I specialize in creating healthy hair, beautiful, healthy hair."

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Wedding season is ramping up, and as Karen focuses bridal styling, a conversation about the state of their hair is definitely involved. "The bride will usually call me first, but I always ask her to come in for a personal consultation, to talk bout what she's looking for. A lot of people say, “I want my hair to look this,” and your hair might not be long or thick enough, maybe we have to add hair, maybe we have to style it a certain way, do other things, to get the look you want."

While the brides in the chair, Karen will also talk details. Is styling taking place at her salon in Sherman Oaks, or at the Bride's house or hotel? "The important thing is to have ample space to work in," she says. Are there bridesmaids and/or Moms that also need hair and makeup? Will the bridesmaids wear their hair in the same style or in different ones? Karen would love for each of them to come in and talk to her individually, and she knows that's not always possible, but "I definitely need to see pictures of what their hair currently looks like and I ask that they send me pictures of the hair style they want."
Karen emphasizes individualized care for each of her clients, so final pricing depends on what is needed to achieve the look that they want. She also considers all the logistics for the day, including any additional stylists that might be needed.  "Anything more than three bridesmaids, and I'm going to need help, to make sure you get out on time," Karen adds. Bridal hair and make-up starts around $150, and bridesmaids and other party members will be closer to $100. But, that also depends on the size of your party - if there are five or more women, Karen's open to styling the bride for free.

Individual make-up services begin at $50. Whether you're having both done, or just your make-up, bring your personal foundation and make-up with you to your first meeting with her.  Be prepared to answer questions about any specific makeup or make-up brand allergies you have as well.  "You already know your colors, as a far as foundation, and it just makes it easier. If you don't that's fine, we'll just play around until we find what works best for you." Karen will give you a full estimate of all her services and trial costs during your one-on-one meeting. She needs a final count of everyone who is being styled at least 10 days before your wedding.

Are there any hair and make-up challenges brides need to be aware of on their wedding day? "First of all, Karen tells me, it's going to take a while. You should expect to spend at least two hours getting both your hair and makeup done, and a few more if others are getting theirs done, too. "If your wedding is in the afternoon, it's going to take your whole morning!" Karen laughs. She will carefully work out an "appointment" schedule with you, so that everyone has an allotted time. "The Bride is always last, so that her hair and make-up is the freshest."

But the biggest problem Karen often sees with wedding styling is the lack of preparation for well, getting styled. "They’re not ready. They’re late. I always remind them that they need to shower, and give them instructions on how to shampoo their hair. I ask that it’s dry and ready for me to get started, and there are times when it doesn't happen before I get there. And, I get it, there is so much to do, she's nervous and trying to get it together. And I feel bad for her, because she's not relaxed, no one is relaxed, and it's chaos, right at the beginning of her wedding day." What can be done the day before so that you're set to get beautiful on the day of? Be realistic about how long it's going to take for you and your wedding party to get ready and be ready when there's a knock on the door. You'll be able to take a deep breath and open it with a smile.

"I will always do the best I can to accommodate you and make sure that you’re happy. I never want anyone to leave and not be satisfied," Karen says. So, however you feel when you open the door, Karen will make sure you look and feel gorgeous when you walk out of it, and into one of the best days of your life.

Schedule your appointment with Karen today by calling (818) 620-6021 or emailing her at Her salon is located at 4521A Van Nuys Blvd. in Sherman Oaks, CA 91403.

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