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(Sponsored Post) Rose Bowl Vacation Rentals:
A Relaxing Alternative to A Wedding Hotel

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Rose Bowl Vacation Rentals
"It’s all about the comfort, convenience and privacy of staying in your own home,"says Helena Delu, owner of Rose Bowl Vacation Rentals. "It’s much more personal than the hotel experience, and just a really lovely way to spend your vacation."

Rose Bowl Vacation Rentals has offered rental homes to visitors to the Pasadena area for almost six years. "For the most part, people come and stay with us because of family," Helena adds. Of course, there are some who come for the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl, or for other local events and attractions in Los Angeles, but, "It's usually because they have some family connection here - weddings, reunions, someone is graduating. We have grandparents coming into town because they’ve got grand babies they want to see for an extended period of time. Their family doesn't necessarily have room for them, or they just prefer to have their own place, a little home away from home."

Brisco Place - 3 bedroom + 3 bath

RBVR currently manages 13 rental properties, all of which are privately owned. 10 are full-time vacation rentals, and three are part-time rentals that are only booked when their owners are out of town. Their houses range from one-bedroom bungalows that can sleep up to four people, to four-bedroom homes that can fit up to 10. All of their rentals include the use of each house's wifi, cable television, linens, appliances, and all have full kitchen facilities.

"Often, by the time you book a couple of hotel rooms, it’s more affordable to rent a house!" Helena says,  "And, it allows people to be together, but they can have their own space in separate bedrooms where they can relax, and then have shared space in the living room and kitchen. Each house has a patio or a backyard, some with pools or hot tubs. And, you don't have to eat out all the time. So, it tends to be a more cost-effective option for guests who are traveling together, that’s more comfortable and provides more privacy than a hotel would."

Weekly rental agreements start at $700 for one bedroom bungalows, up to $3300 for a four-bedroom house. After they go to the website and choose which house they're interested in, guests can call the office or book directly online. Depending on availability between bookings,  it's possible to tour each home before you make a your reservation. And, if you are splitting the cost with other members of your group, RBVR can take payments from multiple sources.

Concierge-level convenience and service continues during your stay. With full-time rental homes, guests are given a key code for the touch pad that opens the front doors. For part-time properties, a representative of the company will meet you at the door, hand you the keys, and give you a tour.  At the end of your stay, you simply leave the keys on the counter, and close the door behind you. A "house book" is provided at each property, which gives you instructions on how to use the cable and wifi, use the appliances, and lists the local grocery stores, restaurants, and gas stations, among other things. But, you can also have RBVR stock the pantry and the refrigerator for you before you arrive. A Housekeeping service cleans each home before your stay and after, and you can request it during your time there, too. And, someone from RBVR is available 24/7 to address any problems or issues that may come up. "Right now, I have the 11pm to 11am shift," Helena laughs. "And depending on the situation, we have people on call, repairmen or whoever is needed, that we will send out to you right away."


Other than key codes and keys, Helena wants to be clear about the differences between the full-time and part-time rental homes that they manage. "A full-time vacation rental doesn't have clothes in the closet or the dressers - there are very few personal items, if any. A part-time rental is someone’s residence, so maybe half the closets are cleared out for you, but there are still some clothes and personal items. And, some guests don't mind, but others prefer to have a blank slate."

So, whether you're renting from RBVR or another vacation rental company, it's important to think about your own expectations, and what you'll need and want during your stay. "Vacation homes are becoming a more and more popular choice,  and so every house is going to be different, and a unique experience unto itself, " Helena continues. "Individual owners may not be provide wi-fi, or cable television. Or a television! Maybe they don't drink coffee, so there's no coffee pot. All of those are standard in our homes, but you can't assume that with everyone else, so be sure to look at the online descriptions, read reviews and ask the questions if you notice something is missing. And, actually, that is a good policy when you're looking at our listings, too." The house you like may have a coffee pot, but not a Keurig. How many showers do you need as opposed to bathtubs? Ice maker in the refrigerator? How many additional guests can you have over for dinner or a family get together?  It's always better to ask.

Aside from the great experience Rose Bowl Vacation Rentals gives their guests, Helena also enjoys her experience as manager and owner. "Everyone is coming into town, and they're happy and excited to be here. And it's wonderful and rewarding to be a part of that."

You can contact Helena and Rose Bowl Vacation Rentals directly at 626-344 8858 or online at Mention the code "Brookside5" or enter it when you're booking online, and you'll receive a 5% discount off any rental agreement during this year.

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