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Candles at Your Wedding? The Fire Marshall Rules. (Los Angeles Wedding Planner)

My next wedding is at The Mark for Events, which requires a fire permit from the City of Los Angeles if you're planning to use candles (open flame, basically) in your wedding decorations. I was fairly certain that the set-up my couple wanted:

...wasn't going to work. None of the candles were contained in holders, for one thing, and that's a big thing with the Fire Marshall. I took this down to the office downtown, and sure enough, it got rejected. I made a (very bad) video that explains why, and how to make it right: 

To sum up:

1. No more than four candles, of whatever size, in the centerpiece.
2. Each candle has to have it it's own candle holder or vase. 
3. The flame MUST be at least two inches below the rim of the holder/vase.
4. A charger/mirror/plate is fine as a base, but each candleholder has to be secured to the base. Gluing it down works.

The Los Angeles Fire Department is in downtown L.A., 200 N. Main Street #1700, Los Angeles, CA 90012. 

Now, they HAVE to see it in person, in order to approve it and give you the permit. But, you can email them a picture to check that you're on the right track. Send it to L. Jennifer Cornejo at You can call her directly at 213-978-3580, if you have any questions. 

See you at the end of the aisle, 

Liz Coopersmith
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wedding Wise Wednesday - March 26 (Los Angeles Wedding Planner)

Every Wednesday I bring you the best wedding stories, events and deals in Los Angeles and from around the web. And we call it Wedding Wise Wednesday. Welcome!

Cool Wedding Thing of the Week:

The Knot: Five Song Lyric Wedding Details (That You Can Buy) Isn't this fantastic? Click to see the other four, which are almost just as wonderful.

The Events:
Good weekend for Wedding Shows in Orange County...

Sunday, March 30

10:30am - 4:00pm
Bride World Expo
Sheraton Park Hotel at Anaheim Resort
1855 S Harbor Blvd
Anaheim, California 92802
$10 when you register online, $12 at the door

Premier Bridal Shows
11:00am - 3:30pm
Fullerton Marriott
2701 Nutwood Avenue
Fullerton, California 92831
$5 online, or get 4 free tickets when you use the Coupon Code HGC4; $10 at the door

The Deals:

Speaking of Bridesmaid dresses, Amazon has the Lindy Bop Classy Vintage Audrey Hepburn Style 1950's Rockabilly Swing Evening Dress for only $49. it's a mouth full, but it's also a really cute dress. Check it out.

Kyoto Garden at Doubletree Hilton Downtown - If you're still looking for a venue, this is a beautiful one, and they still availability in May, too.
But, even if getting married in six weeks doesn't sound as exciting to you as it does to me, they have a great deal from now until June 29: For weddings with a food and beverage value between $10,000 - $14,999, you get one free upgrade, and two upgrades with a beverage value of $15,000 or more. The upgrades? Post-Dinner Cookie and Coffee Station! Fruit Display! Chair covers and sashes! Upgrade to your guest suite! Contact Gloria Guiles at 213-253-9293 or I've coordinated a few weddings there, so you can email me if you have any questions, too.

Definitely Pinteresting:

Photo by Pictilio Photography
My Ask Liz columns are blowing up this week. Ask Liz: Jumpstarting Your Wedding and Bridal Shower Etiquette got re-pinned 108 times!

See you at the end of the aisle,

Liz Coopersmith
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Saturday, March 22, 2014

(Sponsored Post) Rose Bowl Vacation Rentals:
A Relaxing Alternative to A Wedding Hotel

Note: This is a sponsored post - I was compensated financially or with something else of value for this article. I only recommend products or services that my wedding clients or I have used in the past, or that I would eagerly recommend to them and my readers. 

Rose Bowl Vacation Rentals
"It’s all about the comfort, convenience and privacy of staying in your own home,"says Helena Delu, owner of Rose Bowl Vacation Rentals. "It’s much more personal than the hotel experience, and just a really lovely way to spend your vacation."

Rose Bowl Vacation Rentals has offered rental homes to visitors to the Pasadena area for almost six years. "For the most part, people come and stay with us because of family," Helena adds. Of course, there are some who come for the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl, or for other local events and attractions in Los Angeles, but, "It's usually because they have some family connection here - weddings, reunions, someone is graduating. We have grandparents coming into town because they’ve got grand babies they want to see for an extended period of time. Their family doesn't necessarily have room for them, or they just prefer to have their own place, a little home away from home."

Brisco Place - 3 bedroom + 3 bath

RBVR currently manages 13 rental properties, all of which are privately owned. 10 are full-time vacation rentals, and three are part-time rentals that are only booked when their owners are out of town. Their houses range from one-bedroom bungalows that can sleep up to four people, to four-bedroom homes that can fit up to 10. All of their rentals include the use of each house's wifi, cable television, linens, appliances, and all have full kitchen facilities.

"Often, by the time you book a couple of hotel rooms, it’s more affordable to rent a house!" Helena says,  "And, it allows people to be together, but they can have their own space in separate bedrooms where they can relax, and then have shared space in the living room and kitchen. Each house has a patio or a backyard, some with pools or hot tubs. And, you don't have to eat out all the time. So, it tends to be a more cost-effective option for guests who are traveling together, that’s more comfortable and provides more privacy than a hotel would."

Weekly rental agreements start at $700 for one bedroom bungalows, up to $3300 for a four-bedroom house. After they go to the website and choose which house they're interested in, guests can call the office or book directly online. Depending on availability between bookings,  it's possible to tour each home before you make a your reservation. And, if you are splitting the cost with other members of your group, RBVR can take payments from multiple sources.

Concierge-level convenience and service continues during your stay. With full-time rental homes, guests are given a key code for the touch pad that opens the front doors. For part-time properties, a representative of the company will meet you at the door, hand you the keys, and give you a tour.  At the end of your stay, you simply leave the keys on the counter, and close the door behind you. A "house book" is provided at each property, which gives you instructions on how to use the cable and wifi, use the appliances, and lists the local grocery stores, restaurants, and gas stations, among other things. But, you can also have RBVR stock the pantry and the refrigerator for you before you arrive. A Housekeeping service cleans each home before your stay and after, and you can request it during your time there, too. And, someone from RBVR is available 24/7 to address any problems or issues that may come up. "Right now, I have the 11pm to 11am shift," Helena laughs. "And depending on the situation, we have people on call, repairmen or whoever is needed, that we will send out to you right away."


Other than key codes and keys, Helena wants to be clear about the differences between the full-time and part-time rental homes that they manage. "A full-time vacation rental doesn't have clothes in the closet or the dressers - there are very few personal items, if any. A part-time rental is someone’s residence, so maybe half the closets are cleared out for you, but there are still some clothes and personal items. And, some guests don't mind, but others prefer to have a blank slate."

So, whether you're renting from RBVR or another vacation rental company, it's important to think about your own expectations, and what you'll need and want during your stay. "Vacation homes are becoming a more and more popular choice,  and so every house is going to be different, and a unique experience unto itself, " Helena continues. "Individual owners may not be provide wi-fi, or cable television. Or a television! Maybe they don't drink coffee, so there's no coffee pot. All of those are standard in our homes, but you can't assume that with everyone else, so be sure to look at the online descriptions, read reviews and ask the questions if you notice something is missing. And, actually, that is a good policy when you're looking at our listings, too." The house you like may have a coffee pot, but not a Keurig. How many showers do you need as opposed to bathtubs? Ice maker in the refrigerator? How many additional guests can you have over for dinner or a family get together?  It's always better to ask.

Aside from the great experience Rose Bowl Vacation Rentals gives their guests, Helena also enjoys her experience as manager and owner. "Everyone is coming into town, and they're happy and excited to be here. And it's wonderful and rewarding to be a part of that."

You can contact Helena and Rose Bowl Vacation Rentals directly at 626-344 8858 or online at Mention the code "Brookside5" or enter it when you're booking online, and you'll receive a 5% discount off any rental agreement during this year.

See you at the end of the aisle,

Liz Coopersmith
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Liz on America Now News: Wedding Food Secrets

Last fall I taped a series of videos for America Now News, which has been showing on KCAL channel 9 out here. I loved doing these, but...sigh...they say the camera adds 10 lbs, but I could have sworn I didn't have that many cameras on me. Wedding Food Secrets, indeed...


See you at the end of the aisle

Liz Coopersmith
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Wedding Wise Wednesday - March 19

Every Wednesday I bring you the best wedding stories, events and deals in Los Angeles and from around the web. And we call it Wedding Wise Wednesday. Welcome!

Cool Wedding Thing of the Week:

I was at the Luxe Wedding Event on Monday, and oh, My God, I saw this:

I just keep thinking of all those hot outdoor summer weddings, where the couples would just about kill for air-conditioning. And, yes, that is a fully-functioning kitchen and a flat-screen tv you see there. This summer, it's $850 to rent, and $85 after that, and it comes with an attendant. Go to for info, or call Jonathan at Splendid Events, 562-889-5025.

The Events:

Wednesday, March 19 (TONIGHT)
6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

OC Brides Bridal Networking Event
Long Beach Petroleum Club
3636 Linden Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90807
Lots of wedding pretty, fantastic Orange County vendors, and a night off from cooking or take-out. In other words, don't bother with dinner beforehand.
Admission: Free for couples.

Sunday, March 23
11:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Bridal Showplace - Studio City
Sportsmen's Lodge Event Center
12825 Ventura Blvd.
Studio City, CA 91604
Admission: $7 online, $10 at the door.

This is the one I'm dropping by on Sunday. Let me know if you'd like to take a show tour with me!

The Deals: 

Starting Saturday, March 22nd, Alfred Angelo is having a sale on wedding party dresses. It ends the following Saturday, so click through and make your appointment today.

Kate Spade SURPRISE Wedding Sale ends tonight - Up to 65% off their wedding accessories and only $5 shipping. GO. GO, I tell you! Thanks to That Bride's Got Moxie for the find.

Amazon - Martha Stewart Gift Card Box - $14.95. People will bring cards, and couples often forget to bring something to put them in. I always have one handy, in case of that, but this is a good one, too. I mean, it's Martha.

Definitely Pinteresting - My Most Popular Pins This Week

You people are obsessed with this dress! Since I posted it two months ago, it's been re-pinned 237 times! I know, I love it, too.

Photo courtesy of Style Me Pretty
Ask Liz: Postponements and Pizza - I'm pretty sure the 20 re-pins this got was because of the Pizza. Yes, you can serve pizza at your wedding. Click through to find out how!

See you at the end of the aisle,

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An Impromptu Wedding for Julia + Sean at the Burbank AMC 16

My husband and I have Date Night every Friday (highly recommend it), so there I was in the parking lot of Barnes and Noble, when my cell phone rang. Yes, sometimes Date Night consists of going to Barnes and having coffee while I read Vanity Fair and Zane looks for a new Jack Reacher novel he hasn't read yet. Don't judge. 

So, Julia tells me that she and her fiancĂ© Sean just got their marriage license at the Los Angeles County Recorder's office in Norwalk, but too late to get married there, too. They didn't want to wait and they found me on Yelp - could I marry them tonight?
We set up a time to meet in front of the AMC 16 in Burbank. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to pick them out, and then Zane the girl wearing a short white dress racing up with a boy in a white dress shirt and tie. Bingo. 
The movie theater has a wrap-around balcony at the top of the escalator, so we picked the side that was a little more discreet. Not sure if we broke any ordinances, but hey, I'll do anything for love. 

Look at them!
I love my job, people!

Couple of things though,that you probably should know about getting your marriage license in Los Angeles County:

- You can get your license up to 90 days (3 months) before your wedding date. So, if you're getting married in June, you can get your license now. 
-Although you can apply for the license online, you have to pick it up and pay for it at the Los Angeles County Recorder's Office together.   The link above will give you the various locations.
-Most offices are closed by either 3 or 4pm. 
-It is $90 for  a public license, which allows you to get married anywhere in California. A confidential license is $85, and only allows you to get married in Los Angeles County. Most people get the public license.
-Do yourself a favor and have a certified copy of your marriage certificate sent to you for $15. Otherwise you will have to go down to the office again to pick it up.
- If you want to have your ceremony performed right after you get your license, you have to make an appointment, and those appointment times are even more limited. Beverly Hills, for instance, only does them on Wednesdays and Fridays. 
-Ceremonies are $25, plus an additional $18 if you need a witness. You have to have  witness. Zane was Julia and Sean's, BTW.
-It is very hard to get someone on the phone to ask questions. After calling for two days in order to track down a certificate (TWO DAYS), this is the one number I've found that will eventually connect you to an honest-to-God real live person: 800-815-2666. 
-If you would like me to perform your marriage ceremony, well, I'd love to. Email me or give me a call. 

See you at the end of the aisle, 

Liz Coopersmith
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What You Don't Know About Your Wedding:
Being a Bride

Mindy Marzec, photo by Root Photography
L.A. Wedding Blogger World is pretty small, and I've been friends with Mindy Marzec and Renee Scotti Dalo for over three years. Mindy started her blog, Budget Fairytale, while she was planning her May 2012 wedding at Disneyland. Renee's blog, That Bride's Got Moxie, is about her "destination" wedding in Philadelphia last October. Since they've been writing, and most of all, thinking about the wedding planning process for a while now, I wanted to get their take on what it truly is like, and what it feels like, to be a Bride. What did they encounter, both practically and emotionally, that most couples might not realize that they're going to go through, too?

Mindy was first challenged by the expectations her and husband's families had of what their wedding should look like. "I’m my parents' only daughter, and my husband is his parents' only son, and there were definitely expectations on both sides that things would be done a certain way," she said.  They got flack about even having the wedding at Disneyland in the first place, "that it was juvenile," but most of all, "Traditional wedding things, like wearing a long white dress, having bridesmaids and groomsmen, we didn't do any of that. And they had a little bit of panic about it." 

Renee Scotti Dalo, photo by Redfield Photography

Renee had different issues with her and her husband's large Italian families. "If we invited every single one of our cousins, we’d have had 400 people at our wedding. So, we had to start out by being very honest with our families and say, 'We can’t invite every single person we know to this because we’ll go broke!' And we still had a big wedding, we had over 200 guests, but people did get upset that they weren’t invited."

Renee and Mindy agreed that the pushback wasn't entirely unexpected. As Mindy put it, "My husband and I had been dating for seven years before we got married.Just knowing what our families are like,  we knew that there were going to be issues."

Renee said that she didn't really tell people what she and her husband were planning, which kept most reactions and opinions to a minimum, "I just went ahead and planned our wedding." Renee was still amazed at all the unsolicited advice she got anyway. "People would come up to me and want to talk about our flowers for like, an hour - what they liked, what they didn't like, what we should have, what we shouldn't do. Why would anyone other than the bride care that much about our flowers?"

"What really helped deal with it was that we were united in our decisions," Mindy said. "So, he and I could go to whoever was having a problem and say, “This is our decision, not one person or the other's, it’s a mutual decision and this is what we're going to do. I'm really glad that we stuck to our guns about what we wanted our wedding to look like, and that we didn't bend to anyone else's wishes.”

Renee agrees that her husband's support was invaluable and grounding for her, too, especially when they were faced with an unexpected twist -  their wedding venue was sold and renovations began on it, soon after they signed a contract. "I have a tendency to get overdramatic about things," Renee laughed. "When I saw the carpet after the renovation, it was hideous, and I started crying, which is just ridiculous. And I know it was ridiculous, and Joe kept saying to me, 'Really, you’re crying about a carpet?'" But, they did have to let go of a lot of their initial plans, since they didn't know what the outcome of the renovation was going to look like.

For the most part, Renee and Mindy both they really enjoyed planning their weddings, despite all the stress of getting everything done, and the pressure of trying to account for every little detail. Compromises on some of those details did have to be reached with Joe and Tim in the beginning, though. "We were very cooperative with each other, and reasonable with all our ideas and our requests," Mindy said, but, of course, there were certain things that each of them originally wanted, that wasn't as important to the other person, and those had to be worked out.  Renee agrees, saying that, "Joe picked what he cared about early on, and he stuck with that." 

How about their vendors? Was it hard to find the right people to work with?
Neither was too worried about that, actually - they both used resources they already had. For Mindy, it was the Disney enthusiast community she was involved with, where she found referrals from other Disney brides and Disney wedding blogs. "I always knew it would be easy to narrow down vendors," she said. "We struggled with photographers for a while, but that was it." Renee went to the Philadelphia boards and listings on different wedding planning sites, "Once I hired my wedding planner - who I found on - I asked her for referrals."

At Mindy and Tim's wedding, everything went really smoothly, and they had a wonderful day. "It was really good, and I’m very happy looking back on it," she told me. Mindy also hired a wedding planner,  but only for that day, "I did a lot of DIY stuff, and the planners at the Disneyland Hotel won't touch that. I didn’t want ask a friend to do it. We hired a planner and I went over with her how I wanted everything, and she did it all perfectly." As for their families' experience, Mindy laughed, "We had Mickey and Minnie and Donald drop by our reception to take pictures with the guests. It was a surprise. And the look on everyone’s faces when they came in just kind of validated the whole day. See, I told you guys it would be awesome, and you all laughed at us. And here you are, first in line to get a picture with Mickey!'"

Renee's wedding was a little more chaotic. For one, the Federal Government shutdown started that week. "I'd made this elaborate welcome book for our guests, telling them how to get to all these attractions, like the Liberty Bell, and they were all closed!" she laughed."A couple of days before the wedding, I put in these inserts, like, okay, the Button Museum is still open! But you can't do anything about it , what can you do?" The night before the wedding, the power went out on their hotel's block. On their wedding day, Renee kept forgetting well, everything. "I was like a zombie. I forgot my shoes, my lipstick, my checkbook. My wedding planner went back to the hotel four times for me. The last time, she asked,'Is there anything else you think you might have forgotten?' and I said, 'I don't know, my brain?' 

During the ceremony, Lily, her 2 1/2 year-old flower girl, screamed "NO!!" right before they took their vows. "It was a long day, and she did not want to be there anymore. She turned to her mother, who was one of my  bridesmaids, and said, 'Come on, Mama, let's go.'" Not being open about her plans backfired at one point, too, when her sister-in-law unknowingly sat in the decorated chair that was supposed to be a memorial to Joe's parents. Renee said, "People told me, that on the day of your wedding, these little things aren’t going to matter, and I didn’t believe them. But it’s true. And anything that goes wrong becomes a part of the story of your wedding, 'Oh, you had to be there when the power went out while we were at karaoke, and everyone kept singing in the dark for three hours!' And, Lily, that story is going to follow that kid around her whole life, because I’m going to keep telling it. I’m going to tell it at her wedding one day." 

"I loved our wedding," Mindy agreed, "And after it was over, yeah, I thought, Why did I stress so much about it, and why did I worry about things that ultimately didn’t matter? 

The day itself, they both told me, goes by really fast, so you need focus on enjoying it. "Joe kept saying, take this in, look around, it’s going to be over soon. It’s overwhelming to have all these people that you love in the same room," Renee said, "And every project I’d worked on for 18 months was right there in front of me. I was overwhelmed the whole day. And I’m still shocked by it." 

"And you and your partner are the focus of the day, and everyone wants to talk to you and be with you," Mindy added. "And it can be very draining and yes, very overwhelming, but in the best possible way." 

Plan ahead for feeling that way. Renee said that if she had to do it over, she would have saved her planner the trouble, and done her wedding packing on Thursday. "Our wedding was on Saturday night, and when I woke up on Friday morning, I did not stop, think, or have a rational thought until after breakfast on Sunday morning, after our guests had left."

Mindy remembers being exhausted that day, "I did not get any sleep the night before, I was too wired, I was too excited. I don’t want to push any kind of drugs or anything, but definitely try to get some rest!" She laughed.

Any regrets?

Not surprisingly, Renee answered, "I would have gotten a videographer. So many epic cool things happened, and we either didn’t see them, or missed them, or heard about them the next day.  If we’d hired someone to take video of our wedding, I think we’d watch that thing all the time."

Money that she didn't spend was Mindy's only regret, too. "There are two things that you can do, but only when you have your wedding at Disneyland," she told me. "One, you can come into the wedding in a carriage. I didn't want the fancy one, but they have one that’s like the horse-drawn carriage in Central Park. I really, really wanted it, but we cut it to save money. You can also have a private early morning photo shoot in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle, and we didn’t do that, either. And I look at pictures of other couples who got those photos, and I do get a little twinge in my heart. I wish that we could have tried to figure out how to afford it, because it is a once in a lifetime thing, if you do it right. If there are small things that you really want, then you should try to make them happen, if you can."

But the key to enjoying your wedding, and enjoying your wedding planning, Renee and Mindy both told me, is not add any extra stress to the day. "Everyone says it, but you should try to relax," Mindy explains. "Try to look at the big picture. No matter how much you plan, how much you worry, everything is going to come together, I promise. The important thing is that we ended up married, and that was the goal. It sounds silly because it's obvious, but people lose sight of that." 

See you at the end of the aisle, 

Liz Coopersmith
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Wedding Wise Wednesday - March 12

Every Wednesday, I bring you the best wedding stories, events and deals in Los Angeles and from around the web. And we call it Wedding Wise Wednesday. Welcome!

Cool Wedding Thing of the Week:

The Bride's Manifesto, from Intimate Weddings. My favorite line is "It's DIY (Do it Yourself) not DYI (Do Yourself In). Heh.

The Events:

Sunday, March 16

11am - 3:00pm
Premiere Bridal Shows
Le Meridien Delfina Santa Monica
530 W. Pico Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90405
$10 at the door, 4 free tickets if you register online with codeWWR4

Monday, March 17
3:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Luxe Hotels Wedding Event
Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel
11461 Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90049

If you missed the Wedding Salon on Monday, here's a second chance for high-end wedding luxury. Not only will it be hosted by Renee Strauss, of "Yes to the Dress," but the fashion show will feature dresses by couture designer Sareh Nouri, whom I interviewed a while back. I'll be wandering around, so say Hi when you see me!
Admission: $40.


Of Definite Pinterest

My "Ask Liz" Advice Columns were pretty popular this week:

Ask Liz: Wedding Expectations and Owning Your Wedding

Dear Liz,
My in-laws expect a very traditional wedding and with our current financial situation, we are in no place to pay for it. I’ve had to cut corners here and there to stay respectful, and also to keep up proper etiquette. Do you have any words of wisdom for dealing with pushy in-laws who refuse to offer any help or monetary contributions, just endless criticism?
A Pain in the MIL

Ask Liz: Jumpstarting Your Wedding and A Few Words About Bridal Shower Etiquette
Dear Liz,
My brother is getting married in May and his bride-to-be has asked for my help with planning the wedding. We will have to travel about four hours to where it is taking place. There will more than likely be 50 (or less) guests in attendance, which is what they want. She doesn’t feel terrible about leaving a lot of people out on her special day especially since she knows a lot of them wouldn’t want to make the trip. I was just wondering is it acceptable to invite uninvited guests to a huge bridal shower in her honor??
Shower Struggle

See you at the end of the aisle, 
Liz Coopersmith
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Wedding Wise Wednesday - March 5

Every Wednesday I bring you the best stories, events and deals in Los Angeles and from around the web. And we call it Wedding Wise Wednesday. Welcome!

Cool Wedding Thing of the Week:

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head's wedding - Photographer Chris Thornton wanted to describe his job to his 3-year old. This should about do it, you think? The opening "shoe shot" is my favorite thing, ever.

The Events: 

Sunday, March 9
11am - 3pm
The Third Annual Vintage Glamour Bridal Show
Ackerman Grand Ballroom
308 Westwood Plaza
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Admission: Free with pre-registration. Tickets will NOT be sold at the door!
I don't think I've actually been to Ackerman Grand Ballroom since my UCLA graduation ceremony there, 5 million years ago. This is show I'm definitely going to check out this weekend. Call me at 323-592-9318 if you want to join me for a walk-along. 

11:00am - 4:00pm
Open House - Doubletree by Hilton Monrovia-Pasadena
924 West Huntington Drive
Monrovia, CA 91016

Admission: Free, RSVP to Elvia Patterson at or call 626-873-2247.

Monday, March 10
4pm - 8pm
The Wedding Salon
SLS Beverly Hills
8555 Beverly Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90048

Pretty much  THE high-end wedding show of the year. Don't bother getting dinner before, and you won't need to afterward, you will be well-taken care of. It's a gorgeous show, and I find a way to finagle my way in there every year. 
Speaking of which: Tickets are normally $75, but use the code MLBCC for complimentary admission for you and a guest. You're welcome!

The Deals:
This is from Wedding Chicks, but go to The Knot For the rest
of the downloads.
The Knot - 10 Free Wedding DIY Project Downloads. Mr. and Mrs. chair signs, save the dates, escort cards, dessert bags, a pie favor box, okay,  soooo much PRETTY. Enjoy. 

See you at the end of the aisle, 

Liz Coopersmith
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How To Look Amazing in Every One of Your Pictures

I attended a wedding vendor showcase a few weeks ago, and I watched photographer Katie Jackson give this great presentation on how to pose for pictures. Could she put it into guest post form for me? I asked. Why, yes, yes could. And so she has: 

With a camera around every corner these days, you need to be ready to look your best. And it is all the more important because these pictures are normally shared on Instagram, Facebook and other social media sites. So today, I’ve put together 3 simple tips for looking AMAZING in pictures when even the most novice photographer is behind the lens.

1      1. Shoulders Back and Stand Up Straight
Posture is so important when being photographed. Make sure to bring your shoulders back and   stand/sit up as straight as possible. With good posture you look leaner and more confident and it is the   fastest and easiest thing to do with the most significant results.

2.  Chin Out (must do at the same time as Tip #3 Chin Down!)
To avoid the dreaded double chin, keep your shoulders back and stick your chin out. Don’t stick it out too far, otherwise you will get a slight hunchback and risk looking like you are just trying to see something far away.  But beware, if you don’t stick your chin out enough, the dreaded double chin just might find you.

3. Chin Down  (Must be done at the same time as Tip #2 Chin out!)
To avoid the dreaded double chin, many people will lift their chin up, which does in fact reduce the risk of double chin. However, lifting your head up also makes your eyes look smaller and your face look wider.  To put your face in the most flattering position possible, stick your chin OUT and DOWN.   Sticking your chin OUT and DOWN brings your eyes to the camera, making them appear bigger. 

Now that you have your three tips to looking awesome in every picture you are ever in, let’s put them in to action with images of my dear friend, Kristen.  

On the left, she has her chin up, which is making her eyes appear smaller and her face appear wider. On the right, she brings her chin out and down and instantly her eyes look bigger and her face looks slimmer:

On the left Kristen has her chin in. On the right, she brings her chin OUT AND DOWN. Her eyes look larger and her face looks slim:

So now that you have these tips drilled into your memory, practice them in the mirror a few times so you can use  them the next time someone points a camera in your direction: SHOULDERS BACK, CHIN OUT, CHIN DOWNJ 

Now, go out there and look fabulous. You're welcome!

Katie Jackson is a wedding photographer in Los Angeles and Ventura County. She specializes in outdoor weddings for the romantic bride. You can find out more about her at, or visit her blog at

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Monday, March 03, 2014

Words, wedding-related and otherwise, on Pinterest

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Saturday, March 01, 2014

What You Don't Know About Your Wedding: Flowers
Kim Williams owns Enchanted Florist in Burbank, and she's the first person I send my clients to. She's always so enthusiastic and passionate when she talks to my couples, pulling out flowers, books, making suggestions. It's obvious that she loves what she does, and loves working on weddings.

"I’m so excited for them that they’ve found someone that they love and that they want to marry!" Kim gushes about her clients. "And I enjoy being a part of their day. it’s an honor to be chosen to participate in someone’s wedding. I always feel so touched by that, and I want to do my best job for them."
So, what happens when a couple comes in for a wedding consultation?
Typically, I want to know what their date and location are, just in case we have other weddings and events that are scheduled for that day," Kim tells me. The shop staff can handle 4-6 weddings a weekend, depending on the day and the distance.
Your wedding venue is another consideration, too, especially if the majority of the day will be spent outdoors. The heat can wreck havoc on flowers, Kim tell me, so delivery should be timed so that they will hold up through pictures and through your ceremony.

Most couples bring in pictures or printouts of centerpieces and bouquets they like, or pull up their Pinterest boards at the first consultation. "Yeah, and everyone's pictures are really consistent - it's the same thing over and over again, which is great! It just confirms that's what they like, that's really what they like, and that's totally what they like. It's nice," she laughs.
Kim will put any pictures you print out into the file she makes for each wedding, so you'll have your own personal "style guide" for her to follow.

Next up? Your budget. "Your budget is super important. It's really good if everyone is realistic and practical, and tells me what you're aiming for, what your budget range is." You may not have an exact floral budget, but you should have an overall wedding budget, and you can use that to decide how much you're willing to spend on your flowers, based on how important they are to you on that day. Combined with the photos you show her, that will help Kim determine what the possibilities are, as she moves you through a checklist of arrangements and floral pieces."Most people have no idea what flowers cost," she says. "But if you tell me what you can spend, and what it is that you like, I can tell you what I can do."

B &G Photography
The first piece she will discuss is your bridal bouquet, or if it's a wedding with two men, the boutonnieres. The wedding couple's personal flowers set the tone for the look and feel for the rest of the flowers. 
"For brides, their bouquet is usually the first thing they want to talk about,too," Kim says, "and based on what ideas they come in with, I also like to show them something they may not have seen or thought of." The rest of your personal flowers, bridesmaid bouquets, family corsages and boutonnieres, are next. I've personally noticed one thing that couples don't realize when they're talking with her: How many flowers that adds up to! Think about it - everyone in your wedding party, plus family. Ceremony aisles and decoration. Something for the check-in table? And, 100 guests generally means 10 guest tables, and a centerpiece for each of those. You may not want all of that, but you do have to think about it. 

B &G Photography
Centerpieces can be tricky, Kim tells me. It all depends on the flowers you want on your tables. "You can do a tiny centerpiece that costs a lot of money, or a tiny centerpiece that costs next to nothing. Everyone wants a big arrangement that costs a little bit of money, but if you're talking about peonies or dahlias, or anything else that's imported or out of season, you can't go 'big' with those, without it getting expensive." If you're more flexible on the flowers than on the look, Kim makes suggestions about which flowers can be changed out, or how the design can be simplified and still achieve the style you want. "I always ask you what you don't like, too, in that case," she says."That's just as important, to make sure that we don't put something in there that you don't want." 

 There's a lot of overhead cost with wedding flowers, and not as much of a profit margin as people think. We get that all the time," Kim says, " 'I could go down to the flower market and buy a bundle of roses for $15, $20', and of course you can, but someone has to clean them and arrange them, too. And, you need to have extra flowers, to account for breakage, and back-up." Like how you would never rent just 100 dinner plates for 100 guests, or how you always need extra ink and paper if you're printing your own invitations. Kim continues, "And, we’re getting good quality flowers, which is a huge difference. The labor - when you’re paying people to do this for you, there is an expense there. And, not just arranging, but delivery and set-up. It could be just a driver dropping everything off, or as many as five people on-site, setting up the ceremony and reception. You can definitely control the costs, but they still have to be factored in."

What other questions do couples ask about saving money on their flowers? Multi-purposing - can you re-use your ceremony flowers for the reception? Yes. Can you bring in their own vases and containers for her to fill? Yes, but she needs to see a sample first, "before you go out and buy 20 of them!", and one of my couples is having her do this for their wedding this summer. Can you rent vases instead of buying them with the arrangements? Yes, but Kim will remind you that is going to be a little more work on your part, to make sure that your guests don't take them at the end of the night. "If you're talking about larger items, candelabras or urns, then of course, you can rent them and bring them back. But for the smaller arrangements, it might be better to use our vases, and we can talk about that." 

Kim writes up an estimate for you during your meeting with her, and it includes labor, tax, and delivery. If you decide to book with her, she requires a 50% deposit at least a month before your wedding date. By that time, you'll also have finalized the details that will affect your final order - what your wedding party and your parents are wearing, what your linen colors are, or whether you went up or down on your number of guest tables. Once you give her the deposit, you can schedule a day to see your centerpiece sample. Communication is key when you're working with a florist, Kim says, so pick someone that you're comfortable with. "You should be able to say, 'I don’t want to spend that much, or 'I like these flowers, or 'I don’t like these flowers, can you try to find me these other ones?' This is crucial to getting your wedding how you want it to look. If you feel like you can talk to your florist, I think that makes for a much better relationship, all the way through." You can contact Kim Williams and Enchanted Florist at 818-840-8556 or

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