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(Sponsored Post) L.A. Wedding Sitter: Say Yes to Your Little Guests

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"It doesn’t have to be one or the other, no kids or kids," says Jessica Flores, owner of L.A. Wedding Sitter. "This is another option, and everyone - your guests and their kids - can feel involved and not left out."

When she was a floral designer, Jessica had always loved working on weddings. At her own wedding, she wanted an adult-only reception, so she gave her guests a number for a local baby-sitting service. But she saw for herself how limited that that option was, once she attended a wedding with her own six-month old daughter a couple of years later. "The babysitters didn’t have much to do for little kids," she says. "They were great, and and they had a TV, but that was it. That’s when I came up with this idea, to have on-site wedding childcare, with crafts and games, movies, face painting, cupcake decoration, just lots of stuff for little babies up to older kids." 

For the past five years, L.A. Wedding Sitter has provided a fun and interactive environment for children, from newborns to teenagers, to enjoy during weddings and events. "An area where they can have fun, but also rest and nap if they need to. Basically, we create a party for them, too," says Jessica. 

One sitter is provided per every five children, and the number of sitters increases with the number of younger kids and babies. Jessica has almost 20 years of childcare experience, and every one of her staff is CPR and Child First Aid certified, licensed and insured. Jessica makes sure that all the safety bases are covered: Each parent is required to fill out and sign a medical form, detailing any allergies or conditions their child may have, and supply their cell phone number and reception table number. And, only parents are allowed to take their children out of the room, once they're checked in. "We have aunts and uncles, grandparents, who want to come by and see the baby, or, 'I want to take Johnny out to our table,'" Jessica explains. "But no child leaves the room without one of my staff going with them."

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Jessica works with you and your venue coordinator to find the best room for the childcare area. Usually, they're able to convert a space that's already been designated for the wedding party to use, so there is no additional charge.

Parents can come in and see their children at any time, and her staff any calls and texts from anxious parents, and sends them pictures on request. "Once their kids are settled, we really encourage the parents to go back and enjoy the reception. But sometimes they will come in, and say to their child, “Hey, let’s go to the dance floor,” and she won't want to go, because she's having too much fun with us!," Jessica laughs.

Every child receives a personalized
Goody bag.

L.A. Wedding Sitter's on-site childcare service, for up to four children, is $400 for a five hour period of time, or $880 for up to 11 hours. There is an additional discount for siblings. The service can also be broken down to cover your wedding party prep time, or your ceremony.   A preliminary list of children's names and ages is due three weeks before your wedding, with a final list due the week before. She also works with individual guests as a childcare resource, if a group service isn't necessary or possible.

"I love watching my clients' faces when they look in the room and see how nicely it's set up and how happy their guests and all the children are," Jessica says. "And the kid's faces just light up, too, when they realize that there's a special part for them at the wedding, and they've never experienced that before. It's wonderful to be able create that feeling for everyone."

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