Friday, January 24, 2014

Ask Liz: Complicated Parents are Complicated

My wedding advice column is up on The Broke-Ass Bride:

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Hey Liz, 
I'm getting married in April and my parents have had a rocky, nasty relationship for the past few years, which has led to their not so wonderful relationship with me. They are once again together, against the advice of most of our loved ones. Now, my mother wants my father and her to walk me down the aisle together. She sprung this on me after she insisted on paying for multiple aspects of the wedding. I'm very torn on how I feel about anybody walking me down the aisle, but I feel like I have no choice considering their financial contribution. 
I was just wondering if it is proper etiquette to go with her wishes. 

A Long Walk Down the Aisle


Dear Liz, 
So I have the start of a big problem with my future in-laws. They are starting to brainwash my future husband into thinking they get to plan our wedding. His family was bummed I didn't involve them in picking out the cake, or my wedding dress and such. They aren't contributing money - they want us to use what was leftover from his sister's wedding last July. Now his dad wants to take him suit shopping and help him pick out his rented tux. 
I know i'm going to hurt some feelings by telling them that their ideas just don't fit into my vision. Is there an easy way? I don't want to look like a Bridezilla but I have a feeling i'm going to have to be to get my point across.

From Zero to 'Zilla

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