Monday, December 30, 2013

2013's Thirteen Most Popular Posts (Los Angeles Wedding Planner)

I love writing about weddings. And, I love that you love what I write about weddings! Here are my 13 most popular posts of the year, to ring out 2013.

1. Real Simple's Wedding Tips Aren't Really Simple At All - It's kind of a wonder they didn't cancel my subscription.

2.  Wedding Wednesday, January 30 - Wedding Arch o' Books. Enough said.

3. Ask Liz: Getting to the Top of the (Vendor) Call Back Sheet - When is the best time to contact potential vendors and how do you get them to call you back?

4.  What You Don't Know About Your Wedding - Venues 
  - Read this, and then you will.

5. Wedding Wise Wednesday, March 6 - Wedding favors you can eat AND still have your name on 'em.  Win-Win, from Martha Stewart, of course.

6. When Bridesmaids say NO  - My ex-intern Frances's take on the delicate job of gathering bridesmaids. Coordinating her wedding this October was on of my highlights this year.

7. Real Simple's Wedding Tips Aren't Really Simple, At All, Pt. 2 - The truth about e-vites, iPods, god help me, crowdsourcing photos. A big part of saving money on your wedding is thinking about your wedding, and how it's going flow during that day.

8. A Love Letter to the Newbie Bride - Welcome to the Show.

9. Meet Jenn German of Bella Sparkle - Interview with one of my ex-brides, who is now designs beautiful jewelry.

10. The I Do! Bridal Event - Interview with Christine Zohrabians, producer of one of my favorite yearly bridal shows. Next one's coming up on January 26th, I believe.

11. Ask Liz: Wedding Nips and Tucks

12. Wedding Wednesday, May 15 - Plexi-Acrylic Wedding invites, FTW.

13 Hey, Meet Me At the Bar! What is your wedding bar going to look - and taste - like, anyway?

And on that note, Happy New Year! I'd love to hear about your 2014 wedding, and find out what you need to create the wedding you want.  Email or call me today, to schedule your free consultation. Just let me know how I can help!

See you at the end of the aisle,

Liz Coopersmith
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