Friday, November 01, 2013

Ask Liz: Wedding Pressure, Present, Past and Future (Los Angeles Wedding Planner)

Taken for my column today on The Broke-Ass Bride:

Dear Liz: 
I've never had to deal with family drama in the past. My fiancés family is full of family drama and I'm worried it might affect the wedding. I don't want any feelings hurt, but am not sure what to do about it. What am I entitled/able to do in this situation? It's been quite tricky.
Sucked from the Sidelines

Dear Liz, 
I got married on September 21st this year and a week after my wedding I had a major foot operation and have been trying to recoup and recover from. My thing is, is that I haven't gotten to send out thank you cards, yet. We're not much for tradition, but I'd still like to send them out. Most everyone who attended our wedding knows about my operation, so do you think they will understand why it's taking me so long to send out thank you cards?
Lost in Traction

Dear Liz, 
I'm not engaged yet, but I feel like when that time comes, I will be overwhelmed with the grooms moms invitation list. ...excluding just the family. What should I do?

Ringed in Anticipation

Dear Anticipation,
Stop future-tripping. You're about three steps ahead of yourself, and I'm worried that once you do get engaged, you won't be able to enjoy it because you're worried about what's two steps after that.  Get engaged, blind people with the ring for a few minutes and then do what everyone else does, in this order: Decide on a budget and the number of guests you're comfortable with, find a place to have it, and go from there. Don't drown yourself in "buts" and "what Ifs."

See you at the end of the aisle, 

Liz Coopersmith
Silver Charm Events
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