Friday, September 06, 2013

Ask Liz: Rentals and Rugrats (Los Angeles Wedding Planner)

My weekly wedding planning advice column on The Broke-Ass Bride is up:

Sooo many. Or, wait...not enough??
Dear Liz, 
Help! I'm getting married at a  local museum, and we have to bring in all of our rentals. My wedding is in November, and we've already made at least 8 changes to the rental list, and it's driving me crazy!! I'm not even sure I need half the stuff that's on there. Is there a complete list of rentals that I should get for 150 guests?
Forked Up

Dear Liz, 
We stated "No kids" at the wedding, because of the expense and not wanting to have crying babies. Now, I've been suckered into inviting my only two cousins (8 + 12). My fianc√©'s cousins' kids are coming too, but only for the rehearsal dinner, not the reception.  Should I now tell the adult cousins that their children can come to the reception, too? The expense wouldn't be too much for them to come,  and they were going to make their kids stay upstairs in their hotel room during the wedding.  I feel like since we allowed the other couple of kids, we should extend the invite to those, too.  We do have legit reasons- they're all traveling from other states, and they're not babies. Or should I just allow the original pair of kids that were coming, and risk hurt feelings?
Two Pairs or a Straight Flush?

See you at the end of the aisle, 

Liz Coopersmith
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