Friday, April 26, 2013

Overweight Bridesmaids and What NOT to Do

My weekly advice column for the Broke-Ass Bride is UP:

Dear Liz,
So I am getting married in one year out of state, but we are having our reception in August 2014. My dilemma is that I have two sisters that are VERY heavy set. I want them to feel amazing in their dresses with out making them spend loads of money (trying to keep it below $100). David’s Bridal doesn’t have the color I want so I’ve been searching the web for something that is up to my wedding standard in the right color and within budget, and I haven’t had any luck. My question is: since they don’t need the dresses until August, should I not worry about it until next spring?  That way if they lose or gain some weight we can have a better judgment. Would it be totally inappropriate if I asked them to both try to be healthier and lose weight, as nicely as that can be said? They both need to, not just the 10 to 15 pounds most of us want to lose -  they are only in high school and they weigh over 200lbs each. Should I say something?


Little Sister

Uh, huh. Find them something that they can work, you know?

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See you at the end of the aisle,

Liz Coopersmith
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