Friday, April 05, 2013

Ask Liz: Your Dress vs. Your Mom and Your Family vs. Your Friends (Los Angeles Wedding Planner)

First off, Congrats to Lisa and AJ, my couple that's getting married tomorrow!

Dear Liz,
I’m in a bit of a wedding dress dilemma. When I started out I thought we would have to pay for almost everything ourselves and I thus set out to find a beautiful low-cost dress. I tried all the bridal fairs, shopped around and got very depressed, not just about the cost but the actual style of the dresses! I was fairly clear on what I wanted but everything I tried on looked and felt terrible! There was always just too much stuff going on with the dress, or it was hard to walk in, or super sweaty.

I was close to my breaking point when  I saw a very pretty dress. It is not a wedding dress. It is a lovely dove grey (my wedding colors are greys and blues), very light and floaty, simple and elegant full length dress. Relieved to finally see something I liked, and at a fantastic price! I bought it.

Last week my mother came to visit us. I excitedly showed her my dress. She was less than keen. She said it wasn’t a wedding dress and that we should keep looking. She also then told us that my parents will be donating more than we initially thought so I had some spending money for a “proper” dress. I went dress shopping again with her. I tried on lots of dresses and since I didn’t like anything and was quite clear on the style I wanted the shop assistant eventually brought out all the fabrics to pin to me and proposed a dress to my specs. It looked amazing! Absolutely beautiful and more than five times what I originally spent on my grey.
Now my mother has left and I am feeling conflicted. I still love my grey dress and would be happy to be married in it.  But I now feel it might be inadequate and I’ve lost my initial excitement about it. I love the designed dress but it is expensive and I feel like I folded. So right now I am excited about neither and frustrated again. Any ideas?
Shades of Grey

What should she do? And how do you resolve the dilemma between inviting your family or inviting your friends? Find out what I said on The Broke-Ass Bride.

See you at the end of the aisle,

Liz Coopersmith
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