Friday, April 19, 2013

Ask Liz Flashback: The Name Change Game (Los Angeles Wedding Planner)

This article originally appeared on The Broke-Ass Bride on May 20, 2011

 Either way, it's the two of you together
So, my maiden name is “McNamee.” Try pronouncing that out loud. Yeah, I know, you can’t. Nobody can spell it, nobody can pronounce it, and I spent 30 years helping them, and wincing when they got wrong, anyway. Extra “A”s were prevalent. When The Boy and I got engaged, mostly I was thinking, yes, I will change my name to something people can at least spell. Cooper…smith. Easiest thing in the world, right? At our wedding, my father-in-law made a toast, warning me that no one was going to be able to pronounce my new last name, or spell it. After 30 years of living with an obscure Irish surname, I found that hilarious. And, just the other day? A sales lady called me Mrs. Cooperson. My mother-in-law, the other Mrs. Coopersmith, found that hilarious. The best laid plans…

As you can imagine, this comes up a lot in Wedding World.  On a logistic level, it’s a pain in the butt, getting a new social security card so you can change everything else, and the myriad and byzantine-like processes for doing that, differing by state, of course.  All I will say about that is this: When you go to get your marriage license, ask the clerk exactly what it is you need to do/have in order to change your name.

But we all know that it won’t be the reason you decide which way to go.

But what is? Go to The Broke-Ass Bride and find out...

See you at the end of the aisle,

Liz Coopersmith
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