Friday, March 22, 2013

Ask Liz: Bring the Party To Them (Los Angeles Wedding Planner)

What happens in Vegas is…just too hard for everyone to get to.

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Dear Liz,
I live on the west coast.  Two of my bridesmaids as well as most of my close friends live on the east coast, as do my future in-laws.  My family, which includes my sisters who are also bridesmaids, is in the Midwest.  I have friends spread throughout the US.  When it came to the wedding, we decided to have it near where we live now and everyone’s been very cool about that.  However, I’m now getting a lot of questions about where I want to do my bachelorette party and bridal shower.  I HATE when brides or grooms make their bridal party and friends fly somewhere expensive for elaborate bachelor or bachelorette parties.  But it seems like there’s no way to include all of my important people without SOMEONE flying.  The east coast would have the highest number of important people but having a shower and bachelorette party there would inevitably lead to my family being hurt – yet I don’t really want to make my friends all fly to the Midwest.  I’m really torn as to how to do something fun with the people I care about without costing most of them a ridiculous amount of money.  Any suggestions?
-Tri-State of Mind

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