Saturday, January 05, 2013

Ask Liz: Bridal Shower Etiquette is a THING. (Los Angeles Wedding Planner)

I have a wedding advice column that runs every Friday on The Broke-Ass Bride. Here's a look at  this week:

Fill these seats carefully! (Photo by Pictilio)
Dear Liz,
My brother is getting married in May and his bride-to-be has asked for my help with planning the wedding. We will have to travel about four hours to where it is taking place. There will more than likely be 50 (or less) guests in attendance, which is what they want. She doesn’t feel terrible about leaving a lot of people out on her special day especially since she knows a lot of them wouldn’t want to make the trip. I was just wondering is it acceptable to invite uninvited guests to a huge bridal shower in her honor??

Shower Struggle

Find out what I told her to do, and see exactly how many people disagree with me so far on The Broke-Ass Bride. And, remember, if you have any questions about planning your wedding, set up a complimentary consultation with me, and we'll figure it out together. Just let me know what you need...

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