Monday, December 31, 2012

Your Three Wedding Things. YOURS, that is. (Los Angeles Wedding Planner)

My article, re-printed from The Broke-Ass Bride- 8/5/11

Greetings from Haverkamp's Wedding!
I’m a big fan of lists. But, anything more than five check boxes and you’re risking a sprained brain. When it comes to weddings,  it’s so easy to get overwhelmed anyway, so do yourself a favor and stick to just choosing three priorities you have to have on that day.

My friend Haverkamp’s wedding is this weekend. She wanted to: 1. get married in D.C. (which is where I’m typing this right now), 2. in the church she attended when we both lived here five million years ago, and 3. get her cake from the bakery she used to work at even longer ago than that. Sound simple, except, well, she lives in Malaysia right now, her family is in North Carolina and his is in Wisconsin. And if you’ve been reading my posts for  awhile, you know my 3 things for my own wedding.
What are the three things you really want to have at your wedding? Don’t know?  Start with the three things you absolutely don’t want. Disco? Carnations? Cannolis? What’s going to replace them? The Big Three is what is going to make your wedding unique, what’s going to make it YOURS.
Whoa, alright, let’s ease up on the pressure for a second. It’s okay if there’s just two.
 Sorry, I read that all back to myself and realized that I was starting to sound like those articles that demand that you get your invitation addresses calligraphed. Yeah, I checked, “calligraphed”  is a word.

My point is that you shouldn’t be afraid to have the wedding you want, and what you want at your wedding. Every day, my brides ask stuff like, “I don’t want cake, I want macaroons, Can we do that?” “I want to invite all of our guests to join us for the first dance, can we do that?” “Can I cut the cake during dinner?” “Can I serve ice cream sandwiches instead?”  “Can I have succulents for centerpieces?” “Can I get married at Comic Con?”  Like there’s a list of rules somewhere. There isn’t. All you need to get married is you, your fiance, an officiant, and a marriage license. The rest is up to you. And even if people don’t agree with what you’re doing, they are always going to remember it. And so will you – as the wedding you wanted.
Do me a favor? Go for it.
So, what are the three, two, or even one thing that you wanna have at your wedding? Share in the comments below. And if you’re trying to figure out how to pull it/them off, just ask below, too.

See you at the end of the aisle,

Liz Coopersmith
Silver Charm Events
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