Monday, November 26, 2012

New: "My Favorite" Monday (Los Angeles Wedding Planner)

New thing. Every wedding vendor that I work with has such a great passion for what they do - it's so important. So, every week I'm going to talk to one of them about their favorites. Favorite engagement pictures this year? Favorite dress they've designed?  Favorite moment of each wedding day?

Starting with me. It's been a great year, and here are three of my favorite moments from it:

Cupcakes at Griffith Observatory:

Nikkia and Andrew wanted to get married at the Griffith Observatory, on Leap Year Day, April 29, 2012. They needed someone to marry them, and it sounded like fun. It was chilly, but the sky was a clear and beautiful silvery blue. You could see to pretty much everywhere, Downtown L.A. to the east, and to the sun glinting off the ocean to the west.
Instead of rings, they exchanged cupcake halves (Love it). I read their ceremony off my iPad, they read their vows off their iPhones. Their friend Eric took pictures, while a small crowd gathered, figuring out what was going on. At the end, perfect strangers burst into cheers and applause. It was perfect.

Can You Continue This AFTER I Marry You?
Alexa and John's wedding started out as an officiant gig, but as the orange cones started piling up, they asked me to help coordinate, too. The two of them are amazing together. Once she got down the aisle, they started laughing and making jokes and having a whole conversation while I was reading their ceremony. "John. John? Do you take Alexa to be your wife?" "What? Oh, yes, I do." And then back to talking to her about breakfast that morning. It's hard to seriously marry someone when you're trying not to crack up laughing.

DIY and Determined

Photo by Fondly Forever Photography
Chelsea and Joren created their wedding from scratch, and hired me to pull everything together that day. She's a librarian and he's a prop master. Their wedding was vintage and detailed and simple and striking, and gorgeous. rained. Not very much and then a lot. We pulled all the paper-stuff inside in just enough time for it to stop pouring, but the wooden dance floor was soaked. Wipe it off, or dance in front of the bar? Joren had a better idea - move the floor and dance on the concrete underneath. He got guests to situate around it, pick it up and move it back. The area underneath was nice and dry, and dancing commenced immediately. It was awesome. I always say that there is a solution to every wedding problem, and I love it when you guys prove me right.

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See you at the end of the aisle,

Liz Coopersmith
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