Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Want Your Guests To Have Fun? You, First.

Liz's Wedding Quote of the Day:

Michelle and Jonathan: Micah and Megan Photography
4. If you’re not having fun, no one else is going to have fun. I read Katie’s post, and she’s not alone – most brides worry that guests aren’t going to have a good time! The clue is to have a good time, yourself, because where you lead, your guests will follow. If the dance floor isn’t full enough, grab your new spouse and a couple of bridesmaids and boogie down. If no one has hit the candy buffet, be the first to grab a scoop and a bag. Jump into the photo booth. Find a corner and hang out with the crew from your college dorm floor. Laugh and smile when you are given opportunities to do so. Tell people how glad you are that they were able to come. You’re not just there for show, you’re there to have one of the best days of your life. What does that look like to you? Go for it.

From my article, Five Things You Need To Do At Your Wedding, The Broke-Ass Bride, May 18th, 2012

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