Thursday, May 31, 2012

DIY Flower and Wire Place Card Holders

I stopped by Enchanted Florist yesterday to finalize the order for Saturday's baby shower, and Kim had this on the counter:

It's aluminum wire wrapped into this form, with a flower in a water tube and the place card.

Her business card is replacing that, right now. If you've got the crafting skills, it's pretty easy to make - I was almost able to make one myself! And while I was trying, Kim zipped off a less elaborate one, wrapped some shiny beaded garland around it and stuck one of my cards in:

I was DIY pwnd, I tell you! If you would like Kim to do it, they're going to be $2 -6 bucks each, depending on the flower, and if you want the flower!  If you're going to do it yourself, You can go to a crafting store to pick some up, or has the wire in tons of pretty, pretty colors. One of my other favorite vendors, Koyal Wholesale, has a great selection of the garlands, but if you like this, give Kim a call at (818) 840-8556, or email her at Whaddya think?

See you at the end of the aisle,

Liz Coopersmith
Silver Charm Events

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