Thursday, May 31, 2012

DIY Flower and Wire Place Card Holders

I stopped by Enchanted Florist yesterday to finalize the order for Saturday's baby shower, and Kim had this on the counter:

It's aluminum wire wrapped into this form, with a flower in a water tube and the place card.

Her business card is replacing that, right now. If you've got the crafting skills, it's pretty easy to make - I was almost able to make one myself! And while I was trying, Kim zipped off a less elaborate one, wrapped some shiny beaded garland around it and stuck one of my cards in:

I was DIY pwnd, I tell you! If you would like Kim to do it, they're going to be $2 -6 bucks each, depending on the flower, and if you want the flower!  If you're going to do it yourself, You can go to a crafting store to pick some up, or has the wire in tons of pretty, pretty colors. One of my other favorite vendors, Koyal Wholesale, has a great selection of the garlands, but if you like this, give Kim a call at (818) 840-8556, or email her at Whaddya think?

See you at the end of the aisle,

Liz Coopersmith
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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wedding Wise Wednesday - May 30

 Every Wednesday, I bring you the best wedding stories, events and deals in Los Angeles and from around the web. And we call it Wedding Wise Wednesday. Welcome!

Cool Wedding Thing of the Week:

Yeah, nothing's going to beat the Live Dub Proposal that's been going around:

And here's the story behind it.  
Have I told you how much I'm loving 2012 these days?

The Events:

Wednesday, May 29th - June 10th
Flour L.A. Pop-Up Shop
8910 Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232
See Carly Cylinder's amazing floral creations, and order some for yourself, too. 

Sunday, June 3
Bride World Expo - South Bay 
10:00am - 4:00pm
Crowne Plaza Hotel Redondo Bch
300 N Harbor Dr
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Premiere Bridal
11am - 4pm
Fullerton Marriott
2701 E. Nutwood Ave
Admission: $5 online, $10 at the door

The Deals:
My Wed Deal - $498 for $898 rental with Happy Foto Booth. Two hours, with all the bells and whistles - dress-up props, touch screen monitors, touch screen monitors, a scrapbook, unlimited photos, AND a flash drive with all the pictures.  .

100 layer-cake online pop-up shop - Through June 1st, discounted prices on Preston and Olivia Millinery,  hats and fascinators and headbands, like this one. And crepe paper flags and heart straws, like this one.  GO!

See you at the end of the aisle,

Liz Coopersmith
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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wedding Wise Wednesday - May 23

Every Wednesday, I bring you the best wedding stories, deals and events in Los Angeles and from around the web. And we call it Wedding Wise Wednesday. Welcome.

Cool Wedding Thing of the Week - if by "cool" you mean "surreal" or "slightly terrifying."

Halfway through Caleb and Candra Pense's ceremony in Olathe, Kansas, photographer Cate Eighmey noticed there were a couple of tornadoes touching down in the distance. They were concerned, you know, of course, but made it through the wedding. Eighmey was even able to  get this once in a lifetime shot. "You've got a Kansas tornado, a Kansas wheat field, a cowboy and his bride. It doesn't get much more Kansas than that," Eighmey said. Click here for the whole story. 

The Events:

Tuesday, May 29, 7:00pm
10K Wedding Workshop Prelim Call - You have questions in your pursuit of the brass ring of Budget weddings, I have answers and a layout of what the workshop is ultimately going to look like, finally. Email me at to get the call-in number, and let me know what your burning 10k Wedding question is. 

Tuesday, May 29 - June 10
Flour L.A. Pop Up Shop      
Royal T
8910 Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232
For a few days, Flour L.A. is going brick and mortar. Have Fun!

Flour L.A. has one more trick up it's sleeve:

Wednesday, May 30
Floral Design Classes
8777 Washington Boulevard, Culver City, CA
This three-hour class will give you the tools and guidance you need to make professional arrangements on  your own. Scroll down for the list of classes.

The Deals:

7-Eleven - Has nothing to do with weddings, except giving you a yummy break from planning for a minute - it is FREE FRICKIN' SLURPEE DAY. TODAY. From 11am - 7pm. You have permission to stop reading this right now and GO.  

Hello Lucky - Download three of their most popular table number designs for free, including this one. 

Wedding Chicks - The Deal is Still On - 20 totes for $125.00. Personalized and everything. 

 See you at the end of the aisle, 

Liz Coopersmith
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Friday, May 18, 2012

Five Things You Need to Do On Your Wedding Day

Taken From my article today on The Broke-Ass Bride:

There were checklists. Timelines and tastings. Deposits and balances have been paid.  Rehearsals will be run. And you are nervous, and you are eager, you are ready to party, and you are ready for your wedding to just get here, already.
It will. And when the big day comes, all I want you to worry about is enjoying it. Here’s five things you need to do that will help:

1. Take a deep breath and look around. Often. Everything is going to move pretty fast, and you might miss something. And I’m not talking about forgetting your bouquet at the hotel (Fear of God alert!). I’m talking about realizing how many people who love you are in the room, whatever room you happen to be in at the moment. And how fantastic everyone looks all dressed up. And all the little things that you planned, that you were so excited about,  have come together, right before your eyes. It happened! And, everything is so pretty, isn’t it?

You Will Thank Me Later.
2. Eat. No, I’m serious. This is going to be a long day. Don’t get married on an empty stomach. If you don’t usually eat breakfast (disclosure: neither do I), eat something small – a piece of fruit, a bagel, a muffin, whatever you can get down. And that goes for the rest of the day, too, because the food – the food that you handpicked – is only going to get yummier. Ask your caterer to bring you a plate of appetizers and some drinks, while you’re taking pictures. And, use one of my tricks for the reception: Go directly to your table, and sit there until you finish eating. Do not look left, do not look right, sit and eat. Get someone to usher you there like the Secret Service, if you have to. Trust me, guests will come to you to say hello, and in the meantime, you can finish the yummy meal you paid for. After you’re done, you can roam around the room as much as you want.  Sit. Eat.

3. Don’t be a hero. In other words, don’t suffer unnecessarily on your wedding day. If your high heels are uncomfortable, switch to flats, or kick your shoes off entirely. If you’re nervous, do a shot or have a beer before you go down the aisle. If you don’t want to sit at a sweetheart’s table and have everyone stare at you, how about a long wedding party table, or sitting at a guest table with your friends? Whatever you do, make sure that you’re comfortable doing it.

4. If you’re not having fun, no one else is going to have fun.  I read Katie’s post, and she’s not alone – most brides worry that guests aren’t going to have a good time! The clue is to have a good time, yourself, because where you lead, your guests will follow.  If the dance floor isn’t full enough, grab your new spouse and a couple of bridesmaids and boogie down.  If no one has hit the candy buffet, be the first to grab a scoop and a bag. Jump into the photo booth. Find a corner and hang out with the crew from your college dorm floor. Laugh and smile when you are given opportunities to do so. Tell people how glad you are that they were able to come.  You’re not just there for show, you’re there to have one of the best days of your life. What does that look like to you? Go for it.

Find out what #5 is, and see what other brides had to say by clicking here. What are you worried about, wedding-day wise?

See you at the end of the aisle,

Liz Coopersmith
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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sarah and David's Wedding Ceremony

I marry people, too. Not get married to them, because that would be illegal, but I officiate weddings. And I love it, even more Ground Zero on the joy and happiness.
One of my favorite parts of the process is helping them write the ceremony itself. Sarah and David (not their real names, 'cause, you know) wanted to incorporate references of their mutual techie jobs, and their frequent wine tasting trips,  into the ceremony. And get some laughter out of them, too. It took a couple of weeks, but here's what I came up with:

Liz: Welcome. Now, please finish your last text, turn off their phones and put them away.

Today, Sarah Marie Cheng and David James Lipton proclaim their love and their commitment to a life-long connection with each other.  Their compatibility with has been confirmed, they are plugged in, and all their lights are green. We gather here to rejoice, with and for them, in the the new program, called marriage, that they will now run together as one. Do you two freely agree to be joined today?

Sarah and David: We Do.
Liz: If anyone has any objections, please wait until after the ceremony to post them on Facebook or Twitter.
(To Sarah and David):Now, face one another, and exchange the vows you have written. [Note: They wrote their own specific vows, this time, but sometimes I help with those, too. ]
Liz: Sarah?
Sarah: Vows
Liz: David?
David: Vows

Liz: David,  do you take Sarah to be your wife, to love and to cherish from this day forward?
David: I do.
Liz: Please place the ring on her finger.
(David places the ring on Sarah’s finger)
Liz: Sarah do you take David to be your husband, to love and to cherish from this day forward? 
Sarah: I do.
Liz: Please place the ring on David’s finger.
(Sarah places the ring on David’s finger)

Liz:  Like the wine tastings the two of you have enjoyed together, this is the time to savor each past experience.  The sweet moments, the dry moments, the moments that left you yearning for another sip, all of which have brought you to here and now. And there is so much more to come. It is an honor for all of us to be here to send you on your way.

By the power invested in me by the state of California, I pronounce you husband and wife. You may now share a kiss!

And, now, for the first time, may I present Mr. And Mrs. David and Sarah Lipton!


Let me know if you would like some help with your ceremony, too, either as an officiant or helping you write it, email me or give me a call. I am here to serve. :-)

See you at the end of the aisle, 

Liz Coopersmith
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wedding Wise Wednesday - May 16

Every Wednesday I bring you the best wedding stories, events and deals in Los Angeles and from around the web. And we call it Wedding Wise Wednesday. Welcome!

 Cool Wedding Thing of the Week:

NAKED WEDDING CAKE. Yes, please! At last, the fondant vs. buttercream debate resolved. Cake, frosting = WIN. Check out this and more on my Cool Wedding Tips, Tricks and Stuff board on Pinterest.

The Events:

Sunday, May 20
11:00am - 4:00pm
Bridal Showplace
Crowne Plaza Anaheim Resort
12021 Harbor Blvd., Garden Grove
Tickets: $4.00

Premiere Bridal Shows
11:00am - 4:00pm 
Hilton Ontario Airport Hotel
700 N. Have Ave
Ontario, CA 91764
Tickets: $5 online, $10 at the door

The Deals:
Lili Bridal in Tarazan is holding it's annual Watters Brides and Maids trunk show from Friday May 18 through Tuesday May 22nd. You'll get 10% off any Watters Bridal gown purchase. 15% off any Watters Bridesmaid or Wtoo dresses. And, finally, 15% off any accessories you purchase during the trunk show. So, you know: GO. Call 818-774-9700 or email to make your appointment. 

Speaking of dresses, did you know Ann Taylor has jumped into Wedding World, too?  This beautiful dress is only $550, and there's more where that came from. Click and check out the collection. 

My Wed Deal - $15 for  a $25 gift certificate at IndigoTwinWeddings Store. Save on their adorable handmade cake toppers and invitations. They can even make one that looks just like you!

The Wedding Channel - Save almost 50% on a photo booth at your wedding. For only $500, All Smiles solutions will give you custom graphics for your pics, props, a choice of color or black and white shots, a CD of all the photos from the event, and a scrapbook of the duplicate strips. But, you've only got until May 22nd to get it, so GO.

Which deal do you think you're going to take advantage of? And is there anything in particular you need to save money on? Let me know in the comments below!

See you at the end of the aisle,

Liz Coopersmith
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Friday, May 11, 2012

Your Wedding Flowers and How To Swing Them

Most of my brides come at the whole wedding flowers thing in one of two ways:  They know exactly what they want, or they have no clue. They’re either focused on one particular tree or overwhelmed by the forest. And yes, I made a little botanical metaphor there.

The funny thing is, both end of up changing their minds.  Certainty slides into flexibility, while cluelessnes gives way to very firm choices. And it’s the same process – finding out what they don’t want, which leads to deciding what they absolutely do want.  Do yourself a favor right now, and #1 – Accept that there is a process. #2 – Don’t be afraid of it!

Two pieces of lavender. Simple and Beautiful.
Start before you even meet with a florist and pull all the basic numbers. How many guests are you having? Divide that by 10 (or 8 or 12 depending on the size of your tables), and that’s how many centerpieces you’re going to have.  You need a bouquet, your bridesmaids need bouquets,  and all the groomsmen need boutonnieres. Do you want your parents to have bouts or corsages, too? How many of them are there? How about the flower girl or ring bearer? These are the same questions any florist is going to ask you, but writing it down beforehand is going to make you feel a little bit more in control, and it’ll bring up  questions that you haven’t thought of, like, what size tables your venue has. Smaller tables = more tables = more centerpieces. But then again, smaller tables can mean smaller centerpieces, too. Something to ask the florist about if your budget is a consideration. And if it is, write down whatever 5% of your budget is. That’s what you want to try and stick to flowers-wise.

Another idea...
If you know what you want right now, collect pictures to bring to your floral consultation. Print them out, bookmark them on your smartphone/tablet/computer, but bring the visuals. If you’re not sure what you want, then ask yourself this:  what don’t you want? Do you hate roses, do you hate peonies, does the thought of a cascading bouquet give you hives? What’s your color scheme, or what is it definitely not going to be? Nine times out of ten, going through this exercise is going to give you a little more clarity.

And, now, it’s on to the florist.

Find out what to expect, and what more you should know, by clicking here. 

How would it feel to have a wedding strategist in your corner? If you're stressing about how to make your dream wedding happen, wouldn't be great to hand it over to someone and just watch it happen?  Email me today to schedule a complimentary consultation this week, and let's find out how I can solve your wedding challenges!

See you at the end of the aisle,

Liz Coopersmith
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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Wedding Wise Wednesday - May 9

Every Wednesday I bring you the best wedding stories, events and deals in Los Angeles and around the web. And we call it Wedding Wise Wednesday. Welcome!

Cool Wedding Thing of the Week - The dream lives! Etsy has a wedding registry -feel free to go crazy!

The Events:
Saturday and Sunday, May 12 - 13
Unique L.A's 4th Annual Spring Show
The California Market Center
110 East Ninth Street, LA, CA 90079
Basically, it's live Etsy - shop over 325 Designers & Artists and Discover Great Made-In America Design. There was so much great wedding-related stuff at this show last year. Do yourself a huge favor and GO. 
Tickets: $10.00 online and at the door. But, if you buy them online, you get to bypass the main line, and you'll get a free ticket to the Craft and Folk Art Museum, and a set of Unique bookmarks. Have fun!

The Deals:
BridePower is having a sale on their CZ bridal jewelry, get 20% off with coupon code...20%off. Good until 5/15.

 Oriental Trading - Free shipping plus $10 off of orders $75 or more. Get your wedding accessories and supplies here!

My book, "The Mad Dash Down The Aisle: Planning Your Wedding in Six Months or Less" is now in Paperback for $8.99. You can also get the kindle version for $4.99. It's good, if I do say so myself...

See you at the end of the aisle,

Liz Coopersmith
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