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My Post on Bride - How To Find An Out-Of-The Box Venue

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Before Zane and I got married, the only weddings either of us had been to were in churches or hotels. Still, we had our ceremony and reception in a beautiful art deco hotel in Hollywood, which happened to be down the street from our apartment. It would never have occurred to me to do anything else. We just didn’t think inside the box. In fact, in the five short months we had to plan, we never truly realized there was a “box” to begin with.

As a wedding planner, this continues to ring true. Most of the couples I’ve worked with haven’t gone the traditional route. They want that “wow” factor and a venue whose personality matches their own. Art galleries are in. Or how about a converted warehouse? Or a train station? Couples want a venue with less rules or more rules they can live with, whatever gives them better control over what their wedding day is going to look and feel like.

But, when you don’t have a lot of time to plan, how do you find a fun, unique wedding venue that’s perfect for the two of you? Start with what you know.

1. What’s your favorite place? Meg and John got married at the restaurant where they celebrate their birthday together every year. I performed a wedding ceremony at the Griffith Observatory, where Jane and Mike had their first date and where Mike proposed a year later. Celia and Dan found an outdoor auditorium on the edge of the park where he plays soccer every week. Your favorite bar, your favorite museum, your favorite hiking trail —where do you hang out?

2. What’s around you? Like I said, we got married about a mile from our apartment. I could have walked there for the wedding. The next time you’re driving from point A to point B, look around....

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