Friday, March 30, 2012

Couples in Conflict: It's not Just Budgets and Family Anymore

Taken from my article on The Broke Ass Bride Today:

Good news: More grooms are getting involved in planning their wedding.

The Challenge: This also means grooms have their own ideas about what their wedding should look like, which can be completely different from their brides’.

Things used to be simple. He says you’re spending too much, you counter by pointing out that his sister hates you, and you still manage to get down the aisle, more or less in one piece. With the open bar that you both insisted on. I’m kidding, of course, but just enough to make a point.

Now, it’s all about the details. Instead of caring about one thing in your wedding, he cares about all of it. He’s particular about the wine choices, and he’s got an aversion to the color yellow that’s going to interfere with your vision of guest tables festooned with sunflowers. As a wedding planner, I’ve witnessed epic fights over invitation layouts – fold or no fold? – that have left both parties silently raging on either side of the table. Not good.

This has happened a lot more since the last time I wrote about this. And many of my brides are completely blindsided by it. They wanted him to care about the wedding, but if they were honest, they didn’t really think he’d be this, well, engaged, in the decision process. But he is. And, really, it’s his wedding, too, so there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be.

Planning your wedding will teach you a lot about yourself, and a lot about each other and how you work together. Good wedding management equals good relationship management, too.

So, get on the same page now. Take a couple of hours, over lunch, over dinner, over a long walk, and brain dump...

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