Sunday, January 29, 2012

Your Family vs. Your Wedding, Part 50

I had a very productive weekend, by the way. I celebrated my niece's birthday, saw The Artist (which rocked btw, so GO), went to Disneyland with some good friends, wrote two articles, and then cleared out the dead emails in my constant contact account. The dead emails are brides that I've sent multiple emails to, who don't open them, or hardly ever open them. Some are the wrong email address (I curse the typo fairy that lives in my mirror!), some are going straight into their spam folder for some reason, and some people just aren't interested. And if you're not interested, I'm not going to waste your time.

So, I was going through multiple lists, cleaning them out, and one email kept popping up over and over. If they had clicked on nothing else for the past two months, they clicked on the "Liz's Daily Wedding Quote" that I sent out on 12/16/11. And the majority of those clicked on the link to the actual post that it was pulled from.
The hell? I thought. I kept going, and then finally when I finished, I pulled up the article myself:

From: Liz Coopersmith, Silver Charm Events
Subject: Liz's Daily Wedding Quote - Wedding Bitterness Sucks.

One of my brides has a brother who refused to come to her wedding if his kids aren't invited. I know, right?? But how can she have her nieces there and not invite other children? Well, she can make them members of the wedding party, which would give them a reason to be there and explain why no other tykes are present. Or, she could just have them there and offer no explanation at all. If you're in the same situation and worried about how your other guest will feel, I vote wedding party. It's a little easier to take if they're they're dolled up. Foot your brother with the bill for the dress.

Taken from The Kids Are Alright. Or Not, The Broke Ass Bride, 4/29/11

p.s. This post got almost 50 comments - check out what other brides had to say.

Ohhh, I thought. That makes sense. As it says right there, the original post got almost 50 comments, which is I think is my record. Having kids at your wedding brings up so many issues: The money you have to spend to feed them.
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