Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Your Wedding vs. The Holidays

Happy Holidays, everybody! Here's the re-post of the blog I wrote for HerFuture.com today:

So, the Holidays are now upon us, and you might be feeling some trepidation about seeing family and friends, and talking, talking about your wedding.

It is a truth universally recognized that weddings make families do the wacky. I've said and written it a million times. Here are some tips for getting through the wackiness during the holidays:

1. Remember that your family actually loves you. They do. They love you, and they want the best for you. They just think that what's best for you is what they think is best for you. Parents, especially, are used to guiding you and used to you having to listen to them. And that's whether it's about what time you need to go to bed to wake up early for school, or inviting your third cousin to your wedding. They are trying to create the best experience for you that they can. So, when cousin Trudy comes up for the third time during dinner, just think, "They are not trying to ruin my life, they are trying to help." Because they are. That being said...

2. Pressure is not priority. You do not have to do a darn thing any of them suggest. When a subject of conflict comes up, you have two choices, both of which work:

The first is to express extreme enthusiasm over your flower/linen/bridesmaid/meal/name change choice, and how you couldn't see it happening any other way. You are SOO happy with what you're doing! And you are, right? Very hard to keep pushing in the face of that.

The second is to put the discussion off. Tell them that, THANK GOODNESS, You do not have to finalize your decision on the flower/linen/bridesmaid/meal selection/name change choice until sometime in 2012, fortunately! So you have plenty of time.

3. Both options require immediately moving away after they are implemented. No, I'm serious. Smile, and GO.

I didn't say it would be easy, especially in the beginning, but I swear to you, it works. No crying, screaming, no "why do you ALWAYS do this??" has to be involved. Assert, smile, and leave the area ASAP. And head straight for the eggnog, if you have to.

See you at the end of the aisle,

Liz Coopersmith


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