Friday, December 09, 2011

2011 Favorite Pics - The Couples

So, as we're getting down to the end of the year, I have so many photographs that I just love, but I think that these are my six favorites. Vote below for yours, for the chance to win a $10 Kindle gift certificate. Voting ends Wednesday at 10am!

April 16 - Nicole and Andrew, Calamigos Ranch, B & G Photography

This picture is on my website, and on my office wall. It sums up their wedding perfectly: Not just filled with love and affection, but fueled by Heineken, too. Nikki bounced around all night with that bottle (and a couple more like it) saying to me, "This is great. This wedding is exactly what I wanted my wedding to be." And I can never ask for any great praise than that, you know?

June 11, Brandi and Kendall, Calamigos Ranch, Up Imagery

This was the second of two weddings that I coordinated at Calamigos Ranch this year. Brandi and Kendall? Just glowed around each other. Like, all day I was thisclose to being too embarrassed to be anywhere near them.

Rima and Jesse, July 30, Brookside Park and the Rocco Room, Our Favorite Day Photography

So much love, so much music, and so much fun. It was about 105 degrees outside, so Rima and Jesse had these fans made for their guests, and plenty of water bottles nearby. I only stole one of them, for my office.

Michelle and Jonathan, September 4, Calamigos Ranch, Micah and Megan Photography

So, what happened here was, Jonathan stomped his foot on the cloth-covered glass...and it skidded right into the bushes. And this was their instant reaction. Love it. I've said before that this is one of those things that's funnier when it's not happening to you. But it's great when it's funny when it is happening to you, you know?

Danielle and Paul, September 24, 2011, Saddlepeak Lodge, Joey Ikomoto Photography

The techophile in me just had to put this in there. How cool is that? Go check out the rest of their pictures, too. The chuppah alone will blow your mind.

November 12, Nisha and Bryan, First Congregational Church of Long Beach, Third Eye Open Photography

I love watching a bride's vision come to life. Just seeing that "Christmas morning" look in a bride's eyes over and over again. The red dresses, the beautiful church, the perfect dress. I worked with Nisha and Bryan for over a year, and I just dug the way Nisha was determined to have the wedding she wanted the way she wanted it. And just look a the results. LOVE this picture.

See you at the end of the aisle and VOTE VOTE VOTE,

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