Monday, October 31, 2011

The Best Day of Your Life? Nope, Can't Sell That.

Not with a straight face, that is. Because if your wedding day is the best day of your life, then you're screwed. Not just because of whatever life looked before, but what it's going to look like in the future. It might be one of the best days of your life, it should be a great day in your life but the best? Nah. Not if I have anything to say about it.

I love it because it totally sums up what their wedding felt like. Andrew's got a Heineken on his left (which I think I brought him) they're both really happy (Nikki spent a lot of time wandering around saying "This is EXACTLY what I wanted." Not making that up). Their family and friends are in the background having a good time, and in about 30 minutes the dance floor is going to be packed and rocking. It was a party. But really, it boils down to just the two of them, relaxed and happy.

So, I can't promise you the Best Day of Your Life. What I can promise is a great start: A day surrounded by everyone you love and who love you, with all of your favorite things, a wedding that is as unique and dynamic as you are. And when you look back on it, you'll do what I'm doing right now while I'm looking at this picture: Smiling.

What do you need to make that happen? Anything is possible.

So, let's do it. Email me with your wedding date, and we'll set up your complimentary consultation this week. Let's get you started on one of the Best Days of Your Life.

See you at the end of the aisle,

Liz C.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday is the Day for Free Stuff

1. What You Don't Know About Your Wedding DJs, is ready for Download. Go to the Silver Charm Events Facebook Page to get the link. It will only be available until Halloween, so GO.

2.If you're still looking for vendors, Bridal Shows are the perfect place to see what's available,and figure out what you want. Here's a coupon for free tickets to Expo Bridal's show at Porter Ranch this Sunday. You have to pre-register on the site, and then bring this ticket with you to the show. I might be strolling around this one myself, so if you see me, say Hi!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Every Wednesday, I bring you the best wedding stories, events and deals in Los Angeles and from around the web. And we call it Wedding Wise Wednesday. Welcome!

Cool Wedding Thing of the Week: This ethereally lovely Red Riding Hood Engagement shoot, courtesy of Green Wedding Shoes. Complete with wolf and picnic basket. Enjoy!

The Events

Wednesday, October 26th
What You Don't Know About Your Wedding: DJs, is TONIGHT. Join me and DJ Bill Childs on this teleclass, as we talk about the ins and outs of getting a rockin' dance floor.
Call in at 712-432-0800, and use Access code: 993-523#

Got some questions of your own? You can text Liz at 310-801-3602 or twitter your question to @lizcoopersmith with hashtag #youdontknowdj during the call.

Sunday, October 30
11am - 3pm
Annual Fall Bridal show at the PORTER VALLEY COUNTRY CLUB
Porter Valley Country Club
19216 Singing Hills Dr.
Northridge, CA 91326
Admission: $7 per person, pre-purchase your tickets online for Express entrance into the show.

The Deals:
The Beverly Garland Hotel is offering a great wedding deal, but it's only good until November 1st. You can book your wedding for $70 a person, including a personalized menu, and a 4-hour open bar. Get under the wire and give them a call at 213-272-0748. GO!

R Mine - This is the weekend for wedding deals. Like R Mine's facebook page and receive 10% off any order. - Sign up for likeacoupon, and get 20% off any online order between now and 11/2. All that wedding pretty isn't going to buy itself!

But the big story? My Teleclass tonight. Bill is great, and the call is REALLY going to help you get the most out of your wedding music. Come talk with us and get your questions answered!

See you at the end of the aisle (and on the call tonight)

Liz Coopersmith
Silver Charm Events

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Monday, October 17, 2011

Wedding Wise Wednesday - October 19

Every Wednesday, I bring you the best wedding stories, deals and events in Los Angeles and from around the web. And we call it Wedding Wise Wednesday. Welcome!

Cool Wedding Thing of the Week: "Occupy My Life!" One Occupy Wall Street protestor got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend, with a full chorus behind him. Very cool. One might even say, the coolest. Thanks to Huffington Post Weddings for the find, this completely made my day.

The Events:
First of all, I have to push mine. Next Wednesday at 7pm, I'm restarting the "What You Don't Know About Your Wedding" class series, interviewing one of my favorite DJs, Bill Child. What are the three questions every couple asks their DJ? What are the three questions they should ask? The class is free but I need RSVPs. We'll be taking questions by text and twitter, too. I'm setting up an interview with a bartender for the week after, so stay tuned.

Sunday, October 23
9:00am - 11:00am
Crate and Barrel is holding a slew of "Wedding Parties" in their L.A. stores. Go crazy with the price gun while enjoying apps and cocktails:
One Colorado, Pasadena
Beverly Hills,
The Grove
Del Amo Fashion Center
The Village at Topanga

Have fun!

Sunday, October 23
San Dimas Canyon Golf Course Bridal Show
11:00 - 4:00pm -
San Dimas Canyon Golf Course
2100 Terrebonne Ave
San Dimas, CA 91773
Free Admission, RSVP by calling the catering office at 909-599-7459.

Tuesday, October 25
Engagement Party
Hosted by Moments by Wayne Gurnick
Pourtal Wine Tasting Bar
104 Santa Monica
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Wine + Wedding Tips, for free. Click here to RSVP. GO!

Wednesday, October 26
WSEA Wedding Faire
6:30 - 8:30pm
Ports O' Call Restaurant
Ports O' Call, Berth 76
Los Angeles Harbor
San Pedro, CA 90731

Tickets are $5 online an $7 at the door. I think I'm going to try and hit this one myself, actually...

The Deals

Wedding Outlet - You gotta rush for this one. Save 10% on your order, no matter what the amount, but using the code "flock together" at check-out.

Saks Fifth Avenue Online
- 20% off most items and 15% Discount on Jewelry, with the code FRIEND9. These are rare, so take advantage of it! Thanks to @dealtaker for the find.

My Facebook , and Twitter pages are the best places to find more stuff that I find throughout the week, so be sure to like and follow.

See you at the end of the aisle (and on the call on Wednesday!)

Liz Coopersmith

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Volunteering at the Brides Against Breast Cancer Event

I had the BEST time yesterday, volunteering at this event. This sale comes to Los Angeles every year, and benefits Making Memories, an organization that grants wishes to Women living with stage 4 breast cancer.

All the dresses are gorgeous, and all are discounted at 75%. Today is the last day of the sale, go to for more info.

I taped a bunch of videos on my phone, and here's one. You can look at the rest on my YouTube Channel, at

See you at the end of the aisle,

Liz Coopersmith
Silver Charm Events

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wedding Wise Wednesday - October 12

Every Wednesday I bring you the best wedding stories, events and deals in Los Angeles and around the web. And we call it Wedding Wise Wednesday. Welcome!

Cool Wedding Thing of the Week - in a landslide - Always a Blogsmaid's Lessons from Kim Kardassian's wedding. Hilarious, because they're true.

Cool, too: Bride and Bloom's blog - Not just because my wedding with Jessica and Roger at the Long Beach Museum of Art is featured in it, but a LOT of weddings at the Long Beach Museum of Art are in there. I love the different ways that couples make a space their own.(Photo by Mia Dolce)

Friday - Saturday, October 14, 15
Brides Against Breast Cancer
I love events that are also deals, that also benefit a great cause. Beautiful gowns, some pre-owned, many donated by designers and shops around the country, all at up to 75% off. Yours truly will be volunteering on Friday between 10am - 2pm, during their "Power Hour Preview Shopping Spree" - $10 gets you admission and first pick. If you see me, say Hi.

Sunday October 16
The Everything Wedding Bridal Show

This is going to be cool. If you've never been to Adamson House, here's your chance - a wonderful high-end bridal show complete with cocktails, a couture bridal show by R-Mine, one of my favorite designers, and cake by Fantasy Frostings, one of my favorite bakeries! Tickets are $20 online, $25 at the door. I might make it to this one, too.


First of all, I'm still looking for a couple more guinea pigs to try out my Charmed Circle Consultations call. Each hour is worth $50, and you'll be getting an hour FREE. Our phone call will also be recorded, so you can play it back and listen later, just in case you missed something. Email me with three problems you're having with your wedding right now, and we'll schedule a time of us to talk. Don't miss this opportunity to get the help you need for free.

This week is all about your invitations

Rachel Carl, who has calligraphed invitation addresses and place cards for 4 of my brides this year, is offering 20% off Bickham Script font for your wedding or holiday party invitations if you order by Oct 14th! That would be Friday. She's awesome, why are you still reading this? GO.

Wedding Chicks has just released a new series of FREE wedding invitation template downloads, which are just gorgeous.

Dress Rush, which I told you about last week, has a great, free deal today - a $15 gift certificate for invitations by Peacock Printing. All you have to do is retweet the deal or put it up on Facebook. You're already a member...right?

See you at the end of the aisle (and at Brides Against Breast Cancer on Friday),

Liz Coopersmith
Silver Charm Events

Monday, October 10, 2011

Sue Ann and Mike Got Married! Castaway Restaurant in Burbank on Saturday. And, as expected, it was clear and beautiful enough to see Downtown L.A. from their ceremony. Sue Ann and I are friends, so the great thing was that the rest of our friends were there too, ready to tear up the dancefloor. I think I might be getting used to this video thing. Or not:

Sue Ann and I planned her wedding in 5 months, which rocked. Sue Ann was so easy and such a joy to work with: "That, that, and that. Who do I write the check to?"
I know I say this every week, but I can't WAIT to see the pro-pictures. April Rocha shot their wedding, and as we all know, she's fantastic. Flowers once again admirably presented by Enchanted Florist. Anyone know of a class that will teach you how to take pictures with your iphone? Email me.

See you at the end of the aisle,

Liz Coopersmith
Silver Charm Events

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Thanks for the music, Steve.

I was the kid who used to hold up a tape recorder to the radio when my favorite songs came on. The first thing I bought with my first paycheck at age 15 was a Shawn Colvin cd. I was and still am, a music addict. So, my gateway drug into Apple was the iPod. Download all my songs into a handy little machine and carry them with me everywhere? Yes, please. I didn't mind having to use itunes, because that was just a way to buy even more music, even quicker. Plus the ipod was so smooth and pretty and so easy to use - scroll down, click and listen. I was in love.

By the time I started my business I'd been using a smartphone, a Treo in this case, for years. But the iPhone, the iPhone, man, could play my music. And it allowed me to buy more music right from my phone! I could also go online, research anything, figure out how to get anywhere, and it was one step down from just carrying my computer around. It was the perfect for me, and everything that I had to do in my business and in my life.

And then one day it slipped out of my hands and thudded onto the pavement in a parking lot in Pasadena.

I was horrified. I was about two blocks away from the Apple store in Old Town, and I walked in literally on the verge of tears. I had never experienced such fantastic customer service in my life before - in 30 minutes they took the shattered phone from me, replaced it with a new one, connected it to my cell phone account and even gave me a case for it. All for free.


I asked my friends who had Mac computers and none of them were surprised by this. If they every had a problem with their Macbooks, which they hardly ever did, they took them into the Apple store and got free help. One of my friends had a problem with their hard drive and it was replaced, gratis, with an upgraded operating system. But they were expensive, I was warned. At least twice as much as a PC. I was on my second PC in three years, and had already experienced regular crashes and virus warnings. My friends didn't have those problems. Plus the Macs were just so...PRETTY. I saved up and got this baby six months later, refurbished (bet you didn't know you could save money doing that, huh?)

Yeah, they cost a lot. But they're worth it, for the service you get, for the absolute belief that if you have a problem, any problem, that you're going to be taken care of, as quickly as possible. I adore my husband, but he is a klutz. One of the reasons we rent a house rather than own one is that if we had to pay to fix everything he's broken, we would have filed for bankruptcy long ago. Zane could break water. He is also the only person I know who has managed to disable his Macbook - twice. And the Apple store has fixed and replaced it both times. The cost has been completely and totally worth the money, every time.

I got the iPad this year, and I use it run my weddings onsite, read books, and, of course, listen to music. Last week, I used it to video record footage of a wedding - multi-tasking at it's finest. Don't worry, though, I have a case for it!

As a wedding consultant, my goal is to always be worth the cost of the money, too. And the best way to do that is to give my brides the same level of customer service that Steve Jobs' company has always offered me. I found out a couple of weeks ago that the Apple employee manual has broken that policy down into the acronym A.P.P.L.E:

Approach customers with a warm welcome
Probe politely to understand all the customer’s needs
Present a solution for the customer to take home today
Listen for and resolve any issues or concerns
End with a fond farewell and an invitation to return

None of them - none of US - deserve anything less.

So, thanks for the music, Steve, thanks for the support, and thanks, most of all, for setting the standard. Godspeed.

See you at the end of the aisle,

Liz Coopersmith
Silver Charm Events

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Wedding Wise Wednesday - October 5

Every Wednesday I bring you the best wedding stories, events and deals in Los Angeles and around the web. And we call it Wedding Wise Wednesday. Welcome!

Cool Wedding Thing Of the Week:
Dress Rush -
Bridal pretty at up to 90% off? Yes, please. It's like your own private sample sale, and you can sign up for free. Take a look at their Facebook page, too. You're welcome!

Cool, too: Huffington Post Weddings! One of my fave sites has jumped into Wedding World. And it looks like I have a new life goal. Stay tuned...

The Events:
Sunday, October 9

Recreation Park 18 Golf Course Annual Bridal Fair
Recreation Park Golf Club
5001 Deukmejian Road
Long Beach, CA 90804
562/494-5000 x233
Admission: Free

Premiere Bridal Shows
11 am - 4 pm
DoubleTree Hotel
100 The City Drive
Orange, CA 92868
Admission: $5 per person online, $10 at the door.

The Deals:
All the wedding sites are gearing up for Fall:

The Knot Shop - You get an exta 20% off orders of $99 or more when you use the code WED20. So, this guest book frame that's already been discounted to $50 can be yours for $40. Yup. GO.

Take $10 off your Koyal Wholesale order of $99 or more when you follow Koyal Wholesale on Twitter!

Oriental Trading Company - Free shipping on any order of $49 or more when you use the code WCE2338 During Checkout. You can get soo much stuff for $49.00. I bought 20 lanterns for a couple back in July, and it didn't even come to half that. Have fun!

And, finally, if you sign up for my newsletter in October, you get 10% off my Full-Service or Day-Of Coordination services. Your choice, of course. :-) My contact info is below, so go ahead and email/call me to set up your complimentary consultation. I'd love to hear what you want your wedding to look like!

See you at the end of the aisle,

Liz Coopersmith
Silver Charm Events

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Amy and Rob - Huron Substation

Was Gorgeous. Take a look:

Her maid of honor did all the decorations, and I love those poms hanging in the back. I can't wait to see Chi-Ling's pictures in a few weeks, this wedding was epic. I mean, there was an ice cream sandwich truck, for crying out loud

Venue: Huron Substation
Catering: Forage L.A.
Photographer (who is much better than I am, trust me): Chi Ling Wang
Cool Haus Ice Cream Sandwiches
Florist: Bouquets by Enchanted Florist
DJ: Bill child,
Bartender: Mike Kelly, 609-369-4190

I love this gig, I really do.

See you at the end of the aisle,

Liz Coopersmith