Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Well, this made my day

A comment to my post on The Broke Ass Bride, The Wedding Stress Mantra:

"My story. I should have known better being in the catering Biz for 20+ yrs, that planning a wedding in 4 short months with my crazy fighting Irish family was a bad Idea....everything that could go wrong went wrong..but what changed everything for me..
The moment.. My husband called me the morning of our wedding, to remind me how everyone was coming there for US. he said, They were probably getting dressed and excited for us, maybe picking out their cards with a perfect wedding Bliss message. I began to think of all the weddings I attended and how Happy I was for the couples. Before he hung up, he said, Lets give them a great day ! So we did ! I made sure we all loved every moment!"

- Mrs. Ripko

Yes. YES. You have to focus on the love, you have to focus on the fun, because that's why we're all here. And don't just do it on your wedding day, do it when you're picking out your dress, when you're at your tasting, when you're thinking about all the things that are going to make your wedding YOUR WEDDING. This is going to be awesome. And it will be, just you wait and see.
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