Friday, July 15, 2011

Wedding Wise Friday

Every Week I bring you the best wedding stories, events and deals in Los Angeles and around the web. Usually we call in Wedding Wednesday, but on really busy weeks, it's Wedding Wise Friday. Welcome!

My wedding last Saturday was at Calamigos Ranch, and during the reception I found the bride and her friends at a table outside later on that night. She had the biggest, fluffiest wedding dress, and her shoes were off her and feet up on the table, because for some reason they were all comparing the size of their feet or something. And she was practically choking, she was laughing so hard. And I thought - this is why I do this gig. I get to help women create some of the most fun and happy memories of their lives, you know? And I also know that's what you want, too. Go to Brides Rally for 30% off my Day of Coordination service. That's a $450 discount on you completely enjoying your wedding day. And if you want to make sure that I'm available for you, email me at

I also had the yummiest French macaroons in the world at my wedding last weekend, so I am all about the desserts:

@iwedding - Cool Wedding Thing of the Week - This fantastic peacock cake on the The Wedding Tribune. Wow, right? Thanks to @iwedding for the find.

Cool, Too: Smores in a Jar on Emmaline Bride, complete with instructions. Target is selling 12 mason jars for $9.99, so go for it. And, just think of all the mistakes you'll get to eat!

The Events
All's quiet in wedding world this weekend, probably because of Carmageddon. I plan to sit at home with the husband and force him to watch Sucker Punch with me. Possibly while eating Thai food.

The Deals

Style Unveiled has a free download for this wedding fingerprint tree, and how to print it out and use it. And if you're going to use this as a guest book, get an inkless fingerprint pad.

Renee Strauss
- They have the sample sale to end all sample sales at their Beverly Hills store. Wedding dresses at up to 90% off, and Bridesmaid dresses 3 for $99. And they'll give you a toss garter just for walking in the door. Have fun!

I find great other great deals and stories throughout the week, so follow me on twitter @lizcoopersmith

See you at the end of the aisle (and at the end of the Brides Rally Checkout page),

Liz Coopersmith
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