Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jen's Favorite Engagement Shoot Places

Another one of my favorite photographers, JenBerggren of B & G Photography, weighs in with her favorite places to shoot engagement pictures:

Honestly, my favorite spots to shoot are places than mean something to my clients. A favorite place they like to hang/hike/do whatever, their first date spot or a spot that inspires them. I find the more the couple has a connection to where we shoot, the more comfortable they are and the more natural shots I can get of them. If they have ideas of a kind of vibe or place they'd like like to shoot, but aren't sure exactly where, here's a go to list of a few of my favorite spots to shoot, in no particular order...

1. Walt Disney Hall. Fabulous architecture and light, nice neutral background color, so many nooks & crannies to find and shoot in and around.

2. Franklin Canyon. When lush and green are what is wanted, this is such a sweet spot. A park that is small enough to cover in 1-1.5 hours and has so many different spots to really mix up the look of the shoot.

3. El Matador. When the beach is a must do spot, then El Matador it is. Very few people to work around (much more private than Santa Monica Beach), large rocks & sea caves and a beautiful grassy wildflower spot to mix things up a bit. It's worth the drive to get there.

4. Union Station. This deco building is beautiful. And you get a great mix of that amazing waiting area, some outdoor space and the tracks. Amazing spot.

5. UCLA. Beautiful buildings, great grassy areas, botanical garden. And it's 2 minutes from our place. Can't beat that! :)

Thanks, Jen! So, which one do you guys like best? I'm partial to UCLA, but that's because, well, GO BRUINS.

See you at the end of the aisle,

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