Monday, December 13, 2010

My Wedding Weekend

Only 12 more shopping days until Christmas. Shouldn't there be drummers drumming somewhere? Hmm. Might have to go out and find some.

Had big plans on Sunday. Sunday was the day of Monique Lhuiller's Sample Sale. JulyBride wanted to go, so I got there about 9am (for a 10am opening) and the line was already around the block. They picked a good location, though - it was half a block down from Starbuck. Tickets were handed out at 9:30. JulyBride and her mom came at 9:45pm. Line started moving at about 10pm. Mom got frustrated about 10:30, and we all left at 10:45. Hah! I don't really blame her - the only way to get to the warehouse was on an elevator that only fit about 4 people, so it was slow going. We're going to make an appointment for her with another salon next week.

But it was great, while I was waiting in line I got to talk about a couple of other brides, including one who was trying to book a Kosher Persian jewish wedding for 300 in San Francisco. Apparently there are like, two places that will do it. Why so difficult? If you want a true Kosher wedding, that means you either have to bring everything in, or the Kitchen has to be kosher, too. It totally made me want to dive in and find the perfect place for her. But her future mother-in-law is working on it. Afterward, I walked five blocks and went to Unique L.A. The handmade Indie Holiday and Gift show. So much fun!

I found some cool gifts, really pretty letterpress holiday cards for my couples,and got myself a little something something, too. Oh, and the beautiful flowers are by Alchemist and Co. They all do all kinds of things, flowers, and stationery, and delivering breakfast to you in bed. I'm serious. Check it out. Absolutely gorgeous.

After I was done (i.e., ran out of cash in my wallet), I walked back to the Sample Sale. That was about 3 pm. And the place was empty. Plenty of dresses left, too as you can see. This is why I hate waiting in line - because you don't really have to! There wasn't anything wrong with the leftovers, either - prices starting at $1100, plenty of different styles, some were a little worse for wear but nothing that a good dry cleaner couldn't take care of. The only thing missing were the people. Note to you: Try hitting them the last couple of hours, not the first couple.

Have a great week, and I'll see you at the end of the aisle,

Liz Coopersmith
Silver Charm Events
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