Monday, November 08, 2010

My Wedding Weekend

Summed up in one word: BUSY.

January Bride's mom is in town, so we took her to Ixora Florist so she could see the pretty that JanB picked out and to Ric Ducar so she could see how good JanG looks in his custom-made tux. And he looks good. He called me "quietly enthusiastic." The "quiet" part surprised some of my friends on Facebook.

Sunday, I met with June Bride and June Groom to meet with Florist Honey and Poppies. Don't I use the same vendors with each bride? Nope, can't, because not every bride has the same style and needs. Both Ixora and Honey and Poppies do amazing work, though. JunG is still stuck on needing five more groomsmen to match JunB's seven bridesmaids. I offered to get him my brothers-in-law for back-up, if necessary. I should probably tell THEM about that, though...
And then I met with March Bride and March Groom at the Trump National Golf resort for a first walk-through. That place is gorgeous, and just the right spot to enjoy the ocean sunset. We talked about their timeline - grand entrance to Hora or grand entrance to first dance? They're going to be seeing each other before their ceremony, too. I'm going to be writing about that whole "To See or Not to See" thing on my next guest post for The Broke Ass Bride on Friday. has an article about Katy Perry and Russell Brand's wedding rings, i.e., how ostentatious they are. What do you think? Click for larger pic:

Sure, they're covered in shiny diamonds, but I don't think they're that bad. For these two, one might even call them understated.

Today is scheduling more site visits for April2 Bride and April2 Groom, More contracts for JanB, and Dance Lessons for April1Bride and April1Groom and,actually MarB and MarG, too. And then meeting with my MOH to get our Nanowrimo on. Have to take advantage of the lack of writer's block. I'm with Dorothy Parker when she said, "I don't like writing, I like having written." 1,666 words today or bust, y'all.

See you at the end of the aisle,

Liz Coopersmith
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