Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Be Our Guest, Be Our Guest!

Meet my Fearless Intern, Frances:

Every woman (well I can’t say every woman, but I will say almost every woman) has surely dreamed of being a Princess when they were a little girl. I am one of the few that will take those fantasies to reality.

Imagine! A single stemmed red rose encased in a glass dome at every table of the reception. Forest green vines lining the gates and archway of the outdoor ceremony. A kid-at-heart blushing bride in a yellow satin pick up ball gown with beaded embroidery.
Sound familiar?

Let me give you a hint: What bride doesn’t want to be a Beauty on her wedding day?

I know I’m definitely not the first to have thought of it, but I can promise you that I have thought about this fairy tale wedding since I first saw Beauty and the Beast on VHS at age 9.

How adorable would your flower girl be in this mini duplicate?

How stunning would your bridesmaids be in deep red?

Candles??? The possibilities are endless!

Oh the things you can do with red roses!


Of course the Bride’s bouquet will be the red roses, and the Bridesmaids’, the yellow. You don’t want the colors to clash with their dresses!

and who doesn’t just LOOOVVVEE what Etsy members come up with!

Last but not least! The guilty pleasure of weddings; delicious, sweet, scrumptious cake!

and maybe.. just MAYBE..

Too much? Yeah, okay. I’ll tone down the over the top enthusiasm.

All in all, it's the Disney Classic comes to life! Why Beauty and the Beast? Not just for the amazing dress, nor the fantastic advantages of red roses, or even the gorgeous color combo of red, gold, and green. I was never a big fan of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, or Snow White. All three of them knew their Prince for less than 24 hours and fell in love. Belle fell in love with the Beast for who he was! No handsomeness, charming looks, royal status involved! Plus, Belle loves to read and doesn’t care if she’s the town queer. That’s real. Real and tangible is what a marriage should be. And where it all can begin, the Beauty and the Beast Wedding of my dreams.
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