Friday, May 28, 2010

The Recession Bride's Workshop - Let the Registration Begin

First of all, it's Friday, so read my guest post on The Broke Ass Bride,and find out how to combat Worst-Case Scenarios at your wedding. You're welcome!

So, I absolutely LOVED doing this workshop last summer. I loved talking to everyone, I loved being able to answer everyone's specific questions about saving money on their very specific weddings, I loved getting the cake, making the drinks, breaking down the numbers, everything. So, you can imagine how excited I was when I finally decided to pull the trigger and schedule my first one this year. June 27th, Burbank, 1pm. Registration is $20, but you can save $5 by registering early online, using the code "wedcharmfive". I'm also putting together a workbook that's really going to help you guys, too. You can pre-order it when you register, but my suggestion is to buy it on June 27th. Go to, and click on the link on the home page.

See you at the end of the aisle (and on June 27th),

Liz Coopersmith
Silver Charm Events
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