Thursday, April 01, 2010

Plantable Invites, Unveiled!

So, the Basketball and Brides show at the Staples Center on Sunday? Very interesting. I ran into some familiar faces - Elsa Aguilar from VIP Invitations, who did MY wedding invitations, for crying out loud. Maria Lopez from the Cathedral, who I worked closely with on a wedding back in September. And most surprisingly, someone who worked in the same insurance company with my mom when I was 5 years old. He's retired now, and makes poetry bookmark wedding favors. How did I realize it was him, you ask? It's very hard to forget a man named Detroit Flanagan. Okay, and FINE, I had a big crush on him at the time, all giggles and running behind Mommy when he came by. Just goes to show you that no one ever really goes away. As Carrie Fisher once wrote, nothing's ever over, just over there.

I also met some new people, including Brande Halasz and her husband, owners of Forever Fiances, which specializes in plantable invitations. I've been fascinated with these ever since Carol and Walt decided to do plantable programs for their luau wedding last October. It's the next big green thing, you know. Of course you do. Brande and I talked a little bit about it. Turns out her invites are not only eco-friendly, but economical - you can get them and get them addressed for less than paper invites in most cases. And they're pretty!

Liz: How did you get started doing this?
When my husband and I were getting married we vowed to be ForeverFiances - to keep that passion we felt then alive throughout our marriage, so far so good! We are passionate about a few things, love, integrity, beauty and being thoughtful and informed about the products we choose to use so we are kinder to the earth - everything we use is eco-friendly. After realizing our combined talents and passions ForeverFiances naturally evolved.

Liz: What's YOUR favorite product that you offer, and why?
Oh, it's hard to give just one...can I give three pretty please and explain why?
Plantable (and recycled) All in One Invitations: They are just so unique and pretty much the greenest invitations you can find because it excludes the need for an envelope and has a detachable RSVP card that the guest tears off and returns as a postcard and best of all your guest can literally plant their invitations in the ground and watch flowers grow instead of throwing it away.

Recycled All in One Invitations (w/o wildflower seeds embedded)
): These are fun because of the unlimited use of colors, as the one hyperlinked in the name. They still provide all of the great features as the plantable yet more room for colorful invites. In addition, we can offer to print their guests address on each invitation so all they have to do when they receive the invitations from us is place a stamp on them ($.44 stamp), seal and send them off.

Plantable Petite Invitations: These are great for the couple with a smaller budget. They can still enjoy the uniqueness of the plantable paper, yet is less expensive then the All in One format. Even though it was created for Save the Dates, many brides use this as their wedding invite and ask their guests to RSVP to their wedding website, phone or email. [This is actually the one that caught my attention at the show. So light and beautiful, and only $2.19 each per order of 100 - Liz]

One more, we believe customer service is a product and we love what we do and we believe it shows. I would say that aside from our invitations we get the most compliments on our customer service.

Liz: Tell me again how much it costs per invite, including addressing them?
For 100 invitations, prices range from $1.69/each to $6.68/each. If couples would like their guests addresses printed on the recycled (not plantable) all in one invitation as mentioned above that is $.85/each additional. If they would like their envelopes to be printed with their return address and their guests address then it is $1.10/each.


It really is stuff like this that makes me want to have a vow renewal party someday. 2013 for our Ten Year Anniversary? Hmm...

See you at the end of the aisle,

Liz Coopersmith
Silver Charm Events
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