Thursday, April 22, 2010

Liz's Three Rule Friday

I'm just saying...

1. If you work with me, you can't have an aisle runner.
Let me explain. They're beautiful, they make a wedding look glamorous, and those ones with the monogram? To die for. Which is just what might just happen if you're one of my brides and you get one, because I am cursed. The first time a bride tripped on her aisle runner, I blamed myself. The second time,It was taped down by the rental company, and she still tripped. The third time, it was taped down by the rental company and I double-checked it, and guess what happened? What happened is there was no fourth time. It's me, I admit it - I have great parking karma and lousy aisle runner karma. Go for flower petals, instead. They're better for the environment, anyway. Some venues won't let you use real flower petals, and I know where to find fake flowers so real you can't even tell the difference.

2. If you work with me, you're going to sit down and eat dinner before you do anything else at your reception. Well, of course I will, you tell me. But when you walk into that room, you're going to be surrounded by guests eagerly waiting to hug you and congratulate you, while the meal that you've been looking forward to, the meal that you paid God knows how much for, turns cold on your plate. Not on my watch. I will gently guide you to your table, and you will eat your dinner. And while you're eating your dinner, your guests are free to come to you and say hi.And after you eat your dinner, you can go wander around to your heart's content. But you're going to eat first, darn it.

3. If you work with me, I will show you how to really save money on your bar. Lots of couples are thrilled that they can bring in their own alcohol, and then blow that savings by offering everything but the kitchen sink. If you've got every mixer and alcohol under the sun, you're not going to save a dime. Repeat after me: You and your fiance's favorite beer. You and your fiance's favorite cocktail. Soda. Wine. And a nice menu on the bar telling your guests what's available. Nothing gets opened before it gets used, so if you went to Bev Mo or Trader Joes to get everything, you can take back whatever wasn't opened. As your wedding planner, I will find out how how you can do a version of this plan if your venue is providing the alcohol, too.

What's important to me is that you two have the wedding that you want, and a wedding that you can fully enjoy, without worrying about any of the details. Wouldn't you like to not have a to-do list on your wedding day?

If you would like to talk about how to make that happen for you, shoot me an email at, and we'll set up your free consultation. But for right now, what's worrying you the most about YOUR wedding?

See you at the end of the aisle,

Liz Coopersmith
Silver Charm Events

(Pics credit: 1. Shelly Bonoan 2. Winnie Hew 3. Me, believe it or not)
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