Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wedding Wise Wednesday - March 31

Every Wednesday, I post the best wedding stories, deals, and events in Los Angeles and around the web. And we call it Wedding Wise Wednesday. Welcome!

Wow, I haven't typed at you guys in a while! Been pretty busy with the wedding planning part of wedding planning - rentals for Ellen and Patrick, dresses and photographers for Christina and Owen, invites and DJs for Adam and Eve (no, really, not their real names). I had a table at the Brides and Basketball show at the Staples Center. I heard about Unveiled down at Melrose (fabulous, of course). I attended an amazing networking mixer at the Beverly Hilton last night. I've got a side project working with a non-profit that has a new project to house and rehabilitate homeless people with pets. I've been a busy, busy girl! Speaking of which, I KNOW you're getting stressed about your wedding right about now. Figuring out how to have the wedding you want with all this other stuff you have to do is just bugging the crap out of you, isn't it? Let's see if I can help - if you schedule an appointment with me, you'll get a $10 Starbucks card. 'Cause, you know, I'm gonna buy you coffee when we meet anyway, so we might as well cut out the middle man. I'm around this weekend, just email me at and we'll set it up.

Now, where were we? Ah, yes...

The Deals
Last week it was a plethora of events, this week there are TONS of discounts and deals. Behold:

Deborah Lindquist, who just had a wonderful write-up in the L.A. Times the Sunday before last, is probably best known by you fine folks as the designer who created the Broke-Ass Bride's wedding dress. Got the heads-up from the BAB herself - Deborah is offering 50% off her eco-couture wedding gowns AND free shipping (which you won't need if you're local - her studio is in NoHo). Her dresses, like the one to the right, are made of organic linen and vintage lace. I think this was the BAB's dress, actually.

Magnet Street Weddings is offering 10% off any wedding stationery order you make online. Use the code WWWM10 at checkout. Good through April 30th.

April Fool's day special,tomorrow and Thursday on Wedding Outlet, you'll save 15% on your entire order of wedding accessories, t-shirts, cake toppers and assorted doodads by using the code "Foolsinlove". They also have an ongoing special, too, if you follow them on twitter - just use the code "tweet" for 10% off your order. And they always offer free shipping for orders over $150.

Dream Green Weddings
is also offering free shipping on any order over $150, just use the code "FreeShip150". LOVE the eco-friendly wedding favors they have.

The Oriental Trading Company, on the other hand, is giving you free shipping on any orders of $49 or more.

Oh, yeah, The wedding accessories war is ON.

Lili's Bridal
is holding their Mother of the Bride and Groom Trunk Show now until April 5th. 10% discount on every dress. Of course. 18663 Ventura Blvd. Tarzana, CA 91356. Phone: 818-774-9700.

The Events
Oh, this weekend is quiet, quiet in Wedding World Los Angeles. Which gives you plenty of time to meet with me to talk about your wedding. You know you want to.

The Stories

Two stories popped out at me this week. Over at Another Damn Wedding, the discussion continues over whether or not to have a cake at your wedding when you don't want wedding cake. When you might prefer, perhaps, a lovely dessert bar or candy display. Her friends and family are aghast that she would even consider not having a wedding cake! She will regret it, they tell her. She's getting a little tired of the blowback. Oh. MY. GOD, So am I. I am going to say this for the last time:


Okay, for the last three times. You will never regret having a wedding that is different from everyone else's. That people will remember. Not only that - this is not such an unusual thing any more. Three years ago, one of my bride's served pie. This year, one of my brides is going the dessert table route. It is not weird anymore, people, it's a trend. Do you think Katy Perry and Russell Brand are having a wedding cake?? Well, maybe, but I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't. If your parents are helping you out and want a wedding cake, put on the big girl panties and insist on paying for your dessert yourself. Budget it out to $3-5 per person. Save a little bit of money by scheduling an appointment with me and get a $10 Starbucks card. There, see, I've helped already :-)

The second story comes from 30-Something Bride, who points out though there are tons of Brides of Color out there (I was one a while ago), they are not, shall we say, "equally" represented in wedding publications and website. She went hunting for some, and came up with some great pics. Enjoy.

Well, my husband's moving his video game store from Hollywood to Burbank this week, and I have to drive him to the U-Haul to drop off the truck. Every day is an adventure, just waiting to unfold, you know?

See you at the end of the aisle,

Liz Coopersmith
Silver Charm Events
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