Thursday, March 18, 2010

Festival of Brides: The Upscale Bridal Show

Was very upscale. Well, your first hint is that it was at the Biltmore downtown, which is just gorgeous. No other word for it - frescoed ceilings and walls, gold-lined hallways. These days, you have to pay a minimum of $55,000 food and beverage to have both your ceremony and reception there on a Saturday night, and they have no problem getting that, either, duh.

My favorite part of the show? This from Impressive Creations Videography:

Teddy + Toyin ~ Wedding Teaser from Impressive Creations on Vimeo.

This reception is at the Biltmore, and you know, this is the just the "trailer" for the video you'd be getting from them. To take a look at more of these (plus this cool wedding movie poster they created for one couple), go to their blog.

My second favorite part of the show? Running into some of my favorite vendors, like Hansen's Cakes, Shirvan Designs and Jobyna's Bridals, and Cliques Photo Booth. Cake's still delicious, Floral designs still breathtaking, Dresses still fabulous and beautiful. It's nice to know you can still count on certain things in this world. Like how awesome I look in boxing gloves.

I wish they had started the fashion show a little bit earlier - it didn't start until 2pm and I wasn't able to stick around. And although they had a great selection of vendors, I'm surprised there weren't more of them. But it worked - there were enough tables so that it felt full, but intimate, even when the room started to fill up. That's one of the benefits of going early to a show, though - you get more time at each table. When I made another round later in the day, I was very conscious of not "Bride-blocking" the vendors. Although with City Connections Entertainment, it was a little difficult - those guys were very engaging, and their DVDs featuring their bands and singers were hard to leave. That was definitely the party table. Go see for yourself.

I'll see YOU at the end of the aisle,

Liz Coopersmith
Silver Charm Events
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