Monday, March 22, 2010

Another Sunday, another bridal show review

Festival of Brides sent me another set of free tickets for their show yesterday at the Montage Beverly Hills, and since I have a bride who was interested in going...we went. To paraphrase Mae West, whenever I have a choice between two luxury venues, I always pick the one I've never been to before, which I hadn't. My favorite things? This cake, which was made by the Montage's in-house, award-winning bakery.

And Sky Flowers, one of my favorite, favorite florists was there, getting all the attention with their table right next to the registration desk and the topsy-turvy cake.
The Montage has a wedding package that breaks down to $251 per person, so about $325 with tax and service, which will run you about $35,000 for 100 people. Wedding on the terrace, reception inside. It has a lighter feel than the Biltmore, and an absolutely killer view of Los Angeles from the terrace. Nice pull if you can do it.

Hopefully I can post a little bit more about this later on this week - right now I've got to run and do headshots with B&G today!

See you at the end of the aisle,

Liz Coopersmith
Silver Charm Events
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