Monday, February 08, 2010

Just Gorgeous

I've been looking at other blogs for another post/project I'm doing, and came across this on Ritzy Bee :

Love, Luck and Angels by Joanne Gartin, and she's in Los Angeles. YES! What are you waiting for? Go!

So, I've been running around with Adam and Eve for the past couple of weeks (of course, that's not their real names) looking for their wedding venue, and there are just A Lot of questions you have to ask when you're looking for the perfect spot. So, before you're sure you've found the site of your dreams, make sure you ask a few questions:

1. What ISN'T included? We went to a venue whose packages all included a ceremony site, a sit down meal, wine at the table, and a bar for three hours during dinner. What wasn't included? Hors D'ouerves for the cocktail hour, and cocktails for the cocktail hour, which added another $4500 to the bill. Plus service and tax.

2. Speaking of which, how much is tax and service? The standard (yes, standard) service charge is 20%, so you have to add that to your Food and Beverage and Tax the whole thing at 9.75%. For instance: Meals at $69.50 per person + $13.9 (20% service) = $81.34 + $8.13 (9.75% tax) = $91.53 per person(actual).
Most venues will be happy to do a preliminary invoice for you, right then and there, so you can see exactly how much it costs. Fall in love AFTER you get that number.

3. Set up time and break down time. You're going to give them a time that you want to have your wedding/reception, they're going to tell you when everyone, including your vendors, can come in, and when they need to leave. Ask if that includes set-up and break-down time for everyone. As a coordinator, I usually like at least 2 hours on either side of the event. But whatever it is, let your vendors know. And make sure you're clear on who is responsible for setting-up and breaking down what. For instance, at Adamson House, you and your vendors are responsible for taking ALL trash off of the premises. Ask, don't assume. ASK.

See You At The End of the Aisle,

Liz Coopersmith
Silver Charm Events
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